The Hot Rods

The Hot Rods

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

A blending of rock, punk and psychobilly, the Hot Rods bring rebellious rock back to the mainstream. The AC/DC of the fast, car tattoo world, The Hot Rods' music has been described as "Elvis in a fist fight while feelin' good and thinkin' about drivin' fast!"


The Hot Rods are a collaboration of hard knocks, formed back in 2005 when The Hot Rods decided they could rock harder and louder than the other bands they were seeing perform. Since then they have quickly confirmed their reputation for controlled chaos by consistently performing throughout the southeast; they have also garnered endorsements from Jack Daniels and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Stage antics are abundant, as The Hot Rods naturally coordinate a live rock and roll waltz.

“Check it out, when you come to a Hot Rods show, we personally make sure that you're breathing in the fumes of our energy, but that you are definitely having fun,” explains straight talking lead singer Mug.

The band is making waves throughout the South, becoming known for their blending of rock, psychobilly, and punk. They have performed with Nashville Pussy, Honky, TH’ Legendary Shack Shakers, Buckcherry and many others. The Hot Rods fan following continues to escalate from their constant performing as well as catching the ears of several music heavy weights, including the legendary Jonathan “Jonny” Hibbert. Hibbert is perhaps best known for his discovery and signing of R.E.M., and although The Hot Rods are an opposing sound to R.E.M., his ears perked up at their musical showmanship, and he came out of retirement to produce the new album, The Hot Rods

“It was at one of our shows, where the crowd was rocking especially hard, that I looked out into the crowd, and saw a man standing in the back with a video camera- Jonny!,” chuckles Mug. “I couldn’t believe he even knew our name.”

It is the electric charge in their music that hooked Jonny. That charge can especially be heard in tunes like “ Chains of Hell,” a rock and roll anthem for the rebellious, and “Sucker,” a poke at the regular attendees of strip clubs.

Besides their CD promotion tour, the band is also currently filming a live concert DVD, directed by Twisted Productions, the same company that directed the video “Pink Lipstick” featuring Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. They also just signed a major distribution deal with Universal/Fontana.

The Hot Rods are truly Robin Hood and his Merry Men back in their hometown of Atlanta, where the band regularly produces different musical events, that give young Atlanta rock bands the opportunity to gain much needed exposure. Mug also hosts Atlanta’s “Comcast Band on Demand” bringing local music directly into homes throughout the South.

“It’s not just about us,” explains Mug. “It’s about supporting the local scene, and working within it and not just feeding off of it.”

The combination of mischief, controlled chaos, and excitement is what leads fans of The Hot Rods to continuously put themselves in the direct line of rock energy. You just never know when they might jump off the stage and in your face; but then again, that is exactly how they want you to feel.


Super Sport- Oct. 2007
The Hot Rods- April 2009