The Hours

The Hours


The Hours' music combines modern rock sensibilities with no fear of daring to veer off of that map, showing hints of acoustic/roots, punk, indie, and even country. Amazing songs with amazing vocals are the palette; driving guitars, ambient piano, drums and bass fill out the sound.


Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, the advent of The Hours has been a long time coming. Songwriter/guitarist Drew Dawson, 25, formed the very successful Zachary Walker Band with help from lead singer Phil Kairis (then a backup vocalist and guitarist) while the two were still in high school. The band went on to tour nationally, winning several prestigious competitions along the way (2000-2001 Lucky Strike Band Competition winner, among others). In 1999, Phil Kairis left ZWB to form Bronwen’s Gift, and his life as a front man took off from there. After each band suffered a divorce, the two found their way back to each other in the fall of 2003, and began playing shows acoustically to keep their musical feet wet. Neither realized it would take off the way it did.

In July of 2004 they recorded their acoustic debut, “Our Sadness Will Save Us”, and in April of 2005, after enlisting the help of drummer Roger Chagnon, former ZWB pianist Wes Kerns, and bassist Pete Ahn, recorded “Eyes Wide Open”, their full band debut CD.

The Hours are all accomplished musicians, with over 2,000 road shows logged between them in 34 states. And this is just the beginning.


"Our Sadness Will Save Us," independently released in 2004

"Eyes Wide Open," pending independent release summer 2005