The House Jacks
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The House Jacks

Buffalo, New York, United States

Buffalo, New York, United States
Band Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"“I loved it! I loved it! I loved it!”"

Ray Charles hugged himself and said “I loved it! I loved it! I loved it!” after The House Jacks shared the stage with him.
- Ray Charles

""Prepare to be blown away!...""

"Prepare to be blown away! The House Jacks have more potential than Boyz II Men and the Backstreet Boys combined. This is some of the best music around, period!" - Songwriter's Monthly

"Quote from 'The Temptations'"

"Man, they can really sing!" - The Temptations

""...(The House Jacks) make mincemeat of the traditional limits of the human voice...""

"A battery of sounds that make mincemeat of the traditional limits of the human voice...a bonafide rock band ..." - Oakland Tribune

"Rave review from the BBC"

BBC Calls The House Jacks “A Cappella with ATTITUDE!”

"Review by James Brown"

"You guys are gonna be REAL big!" - James Brown - James Brown

"Aaron Neville's acclaim for The House Jacks"

AARON NEVILLE calls The House Jacks “Untouchable!” - Aaron Neville of The Neville Brothers


"Get Down Mr President!!" - 2007
1. Bam
2. Believe
3. Summertime
4. The Only One I Want Around
5. This'll Do
6. Give It Up
7. The Leavin' Kind
8. They Won't Cry For You
9. Great Big USA
10. No Ride
11. Use Me
12. Since U Been Gone
13. Just Fine
14. Rock You
15. What A Wonderful World

“Fitchy & Grikko” - 2005
1. the bone
2. why i'm with you
3. this man's pride
4. athena
5. the fall
6. i will wait
7. light of stars
8. conversations
9. take it
10. i am the man
11. broken up
12. cereal

"Unbroken" - 2003
1. more love
2. adventure day
3. what's for real
4. after you
5. maybe that's the reason
6. from sunday mp3
7. stop and think
8. good things
9. middle ground
10. unbroken

"Drive" - 2001
1. feelin' funkae
2. bam
3. dive into you
4. thread
5. sign your name
6. breathe
7. we fly
8. around
9. i want it all
10. change
11. father figure
12. peace, love & understanding
13. what you gonna do?
14. still by my side
15. next to you
16. crash into me
17. so far away

"Naked Funk" - 1999
1. Feel
2. Crazy Maze
3. Dirt
4. All of My Life
5. Slide
6. Saturnalia Smile
7. Express Yourself
8. Don't Turn Away
9. Attitude
10. Kashmir

"Funkwich" - 1997
1. The Way It Makes Me Feel
2. Crazy Maze
3. Don't Turn Away
4. Slide
5. Completely
6. Dirt
7. Let's Get to It
8. Saturnalia Smile
9. All Of My Life
10. Express Yourself
11. Kashmir
12. Star Spangled Banner

"Naked Noise" - 1994
1. Walls
2. The Way It Makes Me Feel
3. Superhero
4. Gone
5. Another Chance
6. Jack It Up
7. Erotica Bazaar
8. Attitude
9. The Last To Know



The House Jacks. They found it in the Yellow Pages under Heavy Equipment Rental: a house jack is what you use when you want to move a house. Anyone who has seen them perform live will tell you that the name is appropriate. Raise the roof
takes on a whole new meaning with The House Jacks.

The original Jacks met each other while singing in a cappella groups at their various colleges on the East Coast. They all moved to San Francisco to form the House Jacks in September 1991. Since then, there have been several membership changes, culminating in the tight ensemble showcased and loved today around the world. The House Jacks have headlined in many famous venues around the country, including The Bottom Line and The Bitter End (NYC), The Great American Music Hall (SF), The House of Blues (Boston), The Birchmere (Alexandria, VA), and The Iron Horse (Northampton, MA). In addition, they have begun to make waves in Europe, headlining at many well-known German venues, including: Spectaculum Mundi (Munich), Theater im Aegi (Hannover), and Caf Schalotte (Berlin). The Jacks have also toured Japan. This year marks their 22nd tour through Germany and their 5th tour through Japan. The House Jacks have also had the pleasure to tour in Singapore & Italy. This October (2005) Europe get's a treat when The House Jacks visit France, Belgium and Germany.

The House Jacks have appeared with James Brown, Ray Charles, Jon Secada, LL Cool J, the Neville Brothers, President Bill Clinton, Crosby Stills and Nash, the Pointer Sisters, the Temptations, The Gap Band, Tower of Power, Starship, Run-DMC, and many others.

See The House Jacks LIVE! You dont want to miss feelin funkae, their cover of summertime and more than 20 new original and cover songs now in the regular concert repertoire. Not impressed? The House Jacks take requests and improvise arrangements of your favorite songs on the spot!