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How Could I

Written By: Kimberly Housley

How Could I?

Once again, I’ve broken our fellowship
For who knows how long.
I say, “I’ll never let it happen again,”
But, once again, I’m wrong.

He loves me so
How could I go?

How could I
Turn away from God’s perfect love
Put my faith in this world—not above,
When I know how much He loves me?
How could I
Leave the One that formed me as a babe
Gave me faith that I might be saved?
I know He’s the only way.

Prone to wander; prone to leave the God that I love
I’ve sung that so many times.
And I think, “Just a couple days on my own—
I’ll be just fine.”

I need Him so
How could I go?

How could I
Think that I could do this by myself
When He wants to guide me each and every step?
Yes, I know how much I need Him.
How could I
Lose one day in pressing for that goal?
When I want my walk on earth to show
More than what this world holds.

What’s done in the past is in the past,
So I kneel to Him in prayer at last.

And He says,

How can I
Make you understand I’m always here?
I’ll forgive you if you’ll just draw near.
You cannot know how much I love you.
How could I
Leave you when I look into your face?
You know I sent my Son to die in your place
And you’re covered by my grace.