The Houston Brothers

The Houston Brothers


The Houston Brothers are "a couple of modern-day,multi-instrumental Everlys, who write beautiful songs.


So I ’m standing outside the Evening Muse on North Davidson Street, waiting to see the Houston Brothers. I’d had it on good authority that this Charlotte duo was strictly out of sight. One of
the other bands on the bill had been playing when I walked up to the club. They sounded good, as good as a band can when listened to through brick and plate glass. I heard a resonant rhythm
section, electric piano, guitar, and harmony vocals. I decided
to go in and catch the rest of their set in preparation for the Houstons. So I walk in and what do I see on stage but two guys amidst a sea of equipment making all that noise. Holy shit-this was the Houstons and I ’d missed half their set smoking cigarettes outside.

The Houston Brothers are siblings, but their surname is really Faircloth. Justin, the elder Faircloth/Houston, plays keys
and drums onstage simultaneously, a feat he accomplishes by nestling the kickdrum of a cocktail-size trapset beneath a Rhodes piano which is in turn surmounted by a synthesizer. Younger brother Matt, not to be outdone, plays analog bass pedals with his bare feet, while operating a guitar, and often a bottleneck, with his bare hands. Both Houstons sing, the brothers trading off lead vocals and harmonizing as only siblings can. In short, we're talking about a couple of modern-day, multi-instrumental Everlys, who write beautiful songs.

The brothers, being brothers, have played music together most of their lives. They stepped up their efforts about a year ago when asked to provide music for an Asheville, N.C. theatrical production. The resulting soundtrack CD, entitled I Take Care Of You, was an immediate hit with Tarheel music lovers, and the Houston Brothers project was born. Since then, they’ve been walking the walk, sweating gigs around the region, and writing and recording music, the latter of which taking place in brother Justin’s attic studio. While this is good news to fans awaiting another Houston Brothers record, my advice in the meantime to those who would enjoy witnessing a truly astonishing musical phenomenon would be to go see the Houstons -while you can still do so in a place small enough to allow smoking.

-Nick Fotheringay, Charlotte, NC


I Take Care of You- released 2000

Set List

Our set changes constantly by design; length varies considerably
depending on the show. We rarely play longer than 1.25 hours.