The Hoverounds

The Hoverounds

 DeLand, Florida, USA

Musically, The Hover sound is old school punk and ska. But the way Bob Dylan would be playing it. With lyrics that contradict themselves in a way that make you think. And with a sense of exploration; using textures and tunings; dissonance and heart; screaming and soul.


The hov is Influenced on the punk end by Screeching Weasel and the Descendants. The ska feel comes more from the 2-tone movement than anything else; with flashes of 60's Jamaica at times. The songwriting of the Hoverounds is feel-oriented, songs are molded from an idea, often coming full circle to contradict its original sound and feel. Reggae, hardcore, everything in between; it is all fair game.


12 Hours

Written By: The Hoverounds

12 Hours

After 12 hours dragging around this broken ankle
ever putting masks on the faces that surround me
I've put faith in a thing called anarchy,
and let the waves of chaos run circles around me

and pushing this cart in the middle of the night
catching up on time spent all alone
I got used to the fact that i was prone
to sleeping every minute of every single day,

while walking through crowds of people who aren't there
to get to the end of the line, destination: nowhere
the source of the light, in the middle where its dark
creating a metaphor out of something so literal

and i lie all night with my eyes on the ceiling
adjusting and conforming to being the opposite of my feelings
and do I wake up everyday or do my dreams take too much away
from my life, that I think every dream is a real thing

the afterlife, or the day i wake up,
the present, or the space lying outside of where we'll ever be
if it all assmilated now, my composure would remain the same
but i'd be spread acrossed the galaxy; now be composed of me

will there be a time where i'm not me anymore?
solidified like dried clay, or cooled wax, on the bedroom floor


A 3 song demo can be had at our shows, more recording is in the works.