The Howabouts

The Howabouts

BandPopNew Age

the last 5 decades of pop/rock with a touch of psychedelia, eclectic enough to the point where it doesnt sound monotonous, but not inconsistant enough to be unappreciated by a common audience.


raised on american pop culture of the last 50 years, the howabouts are a Chicago band fronted by Chris: a child raised by musicians and taught piano and guitar at the age of 11. The band's other members were all in the same highschool ensemble. For lack of a better word, the howabouts play pop music. Delivering a unique yet familiar and classic sound, The Howabouts are sure to be enjoyed by all.


Two Ep's were released by The Howabouts, each containing about 45 minutes. The Howabouts have been receiving weekly airplay at 88.3 in Chicago for the past 3 months.

Set List

As of recent, the set includes:
Dry Desert
A Catch
Hey Hey Hey
Under the Sea
Mind Me
Sets can range from one to two hours.
Able to cover just about any song, the band often does a cover of Otis Redding's "Sitting on the dock of the bay"