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Howard Scott's
ERIC BURDON DELCARES WAR 1. Dedication2. Roll on Kirk3. Tobacco Road4. I have a Dream5. Spill the Wine6. Birth7. Mother Earth8. Mr. Charlie9. Danish Pastry BLACK-MAN’S BURDON 1. Paint It Black Medley2. Spirit3. Beautiful New Born Child4. Nights in White Satin I5. Bird & The Squirrel6. Nuts, Seeds & Life7. Out of Nowhere8. Nights in White Satin Li9. Sun/Moon10. Pretty Colors11. Gun12. Jimbo13. Bare Back Ride14. Home Cookin’15. They can’t Take Away Our Music
WAR ALL DAY MUSIC 1. All Day Music2. Get Down3. That’s What Love Will Do4. There Must Be a Reason5. Nappy Head (Theme from Ghetto Man)6. Baby Brother

WORLD IS A GHETTO 1. Cisco Kid2. Where Was You At3. City, County, City4. Four Cornered Room5. The World is a Ghetto6. Beetles in the Bog DELIVER THE WORLD 1. H2 Overture2. In Your Eyes3. Gypsy Man4. Me & Baby Brother5. Deliver the World6. Southern Part of Texas7. Blisters
WAR LIVE 1. Introduction By E. Rodney Jones of Radio Station WVON Chicago2. Sun Oh Sun3. The Cisco Kid4. Slippin’ into Darkness5. Slippin’ Part 26. All Day Music7. Ballero8. Lonely Feelin’9. Get Down WHY CAN’T WE BE FRIENDS1. Don’t Let No One Get You Down2. Lotus Blossom3. Heartbeat4. Smile Happy5. So6. Low Rider7. In Mazatlan8. Why Can’t We Be Friends

WAR: GREATEST HITS 1. All Day Music2. Slippin’ Into Darkness3. World is a Ghetto4. Cisco Kid5. Gypsy Man6. Me and Baby Brother7. Southern Part of Texas8. Why Can’t We be Friends9. Low Rider10. Summer ERIC BURDON & WAR: LOVE IS ALL AROUND 1. Love is All Around2. Tobacco Road3. Home Dream4. Magic Mountain5. Day in the Life6. Black on Black in Black/Paint it Black
GALAXY 1. Galaxy2. Baby Face (She Said Do Do Do Do)3. Sweet Fighting Lady4. Hey Senorita5. Seven Tin Soldiers PLATINUM JAZZ 1. War Is Coming! War Is Coming2. Slowly We Walk Together3. Platinum Jazz4. I Got You5. L.A. Sunshine6. River Niger7. H2 Overture8. City-Country-City9. Smile Happy10. Deliver The World/ Nappy Head11. Four Cornered Room

TELEVISION (not a complete list)
The Simpsons ER
Fresh Prince That Seventies Show
Superbowl 97,98,99,2000,01,02 Bernie Mac
Murphy Brown The Job
Nash Bridges Nissan
NBA All Star Game 98 Mitsubishi
The theme to the George Lopez Show 05 Miller Brewing
Cisco Kid (TBS) Burger King
NBL/XM Radio 05 Sprint PCS

Films (not a complete list)
Taxi (04)
Youngblood How High
River Niger Remember The Titans
Fatal Beauty A Knight's Tale
Up in Smoke , Boogie Nights
Gone in Sixty Seconds Lethal Weapon 4
Disco Nights The Mexican
Friday Platoon

Howard Scott’s songs continue to be some of the most sampled songs in history.



Howard Scott was the Co-Founder, Front Person, Leader, Guitarist, Songwriter and co-Producer of one of the biggest Funk/Pop/R&B acts, “War” Howard competed head-to-head with Earth, Wind & Fire, and regularly bettered them on the charts. War was in the same league as big-time R&B acts like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and Diana Ross.

Where there was very few before, Howard Scott, with the rest of the band, started out as an international ethnically integrated act led by English blues rocker, ex-Animal, Eric Burdon. They rose to fame on hits like “Spill the Wine”, “Low Rider”, “Why Can’t We be Friends”, and “Slippin’ into Darkness”, “The World is a Ghetto” and “Cisco Kid” just to name a very few. Burdon primed the band then left after completing a couple albums.

Influenced early on by blues masters such as Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters and Jimmy Reed, Howard’s success is only enhanced by his purely emotional connection with the audience. War’s rich harmonies and rump-shaking grooves rounded out the popular sound.

Scott’s spontaneous chemistry has given birth to most of War’s greatest songs. One day Howard Scott was on his porch playing his Fender when he started singing, “Cisco Kid was a friend of mine,” and the rest, as they say, is history.
Howard Scott’s music has sold more than 80 million copies worldwide!!!!

Howard Scott on stage was the main motivator for the band War. Scott took a leading role in the production and writing for the band His approach was far-sighted and idealistic. Understandably, most of his tunes were credited to the whole band. Listen to any of War’s albums or songs to discover Howard Scott’s genius. It’s his soul-drenched voice belting out the lead vocals on most of War’s greatest songs and it’s the funky punch of Howard Scott’s guitar that often ignites the crowd. Howard’s lyrics were sometimes political in nature (in keeping with their racially integrated lineup), but his music had a sunny, laid-back vibe about it emblematic of their Southern California roots, which helped keep the groove loose. In fact, many of his studio songs were edited together out of longer improvisations.

Anyone who has experienced the catharsis of Howard Scott’s live shows knows that his songs are much more than a catalogue of platinum records and hits. With Howard’s ability and chemistry, he could build a Latin tinged groove like a force of nature and take it to the depths of Funk, Soul, R&B, and Jazz. For Howard Scott, the battle has always been to push the boundaries of popular music, to create a musical expression that is original and straight from the soul and heart, despite the forces of green and selfishness at work in society. His battle still continues today.

This unique chemistry goes back to South Central Los Angeles, when he formed an R&B group called The Creators. Like the street culture from which it was born, The Creators was a hybrid of ethnicities and styles, with a strong Latin influence and an eagerness to break the usual club act restrictions.

They cut their teeth backing the likes of Marvin Gaye and Little Willie John. As the band evolved, even more diverse elements were thrown into the pot, jazz percussionist Papa Dee Allen who had played with Dizzy Gillespie joined up, as did blues/pop singer Eric Burdon from the Animals.

“We called ourselves The Creators because years ago when, we’d be playing music like “Knock on Wood,” and we’d start out with the main motif, the head of the music, and then just take off on a jam, go anywhere we wanted to go and come back. When Howard Scott gets on stage now, he’s the same way. He starts off with one song, let’s say it could be “Low Rider”, or “ Sun Oh Sun, next thing you know, The Creators come out, whoops!”

All Day Music, which spawned His first Top 40 hits in "All Day Music" and "Slippin' Into Darkness"; the album itself was a million-selling Top hit. Howard really hit his one of strides on the follow-up album, The World Is a Ghetto; boosted by a sense of multicultural harmony, it topped the charts and sold over three million copies, making it the best-selling album of that year. It also produced two Top smashes in "The Cisco Kid" (which earned them a fervent following in the Latino community) and the title ballad. Deliver the Word was another million-selling hit, reaching the Top and producing the single "Gypsy Man" and another hit in "Me and Baby Brother." However, it had less of the urban grit that Howard Scott prided himself on; while taking some time to craft new material and rethink their direction, War consolidated their success with the double concert LP War Live, recorded over four nights in Chicago.

Why Can't We Be Friends returned to the sound of The World Is a Ghetto with considerable success. The bright, authentic track hit the Top Ten, as did "Low Rider," an irresistible slice of Latin funk that became the group's first R&B chart-topper, and still stands as one of his bes