The Hsu-nami

The Hsu-nami

 New York City, New York, USA

featured in the 2008 Bejing Summer Olympics. "The Hsu-nami" a NYC based Progressive Rock band. integrates an Chinese culture blended amplified ”erhu”, (a two-string spike Chinese fiddle) into an instrumental American prog rock/metal band. Part of the new-fusion rock movement.


International renowned progressive rock band. "The Hsu-nami", named after frontman/Erhu player Jack Hsu, known as the first "Progressive Erhu Rock" band in the world.

"The Hsu-Nami" started in 2005 in New Jersey and now based in NYC. Integrates a very unique Chinese culture instrument ”erhu” (a traditional two-string Chinese violin) blended and amplified electrically, into an American prog rock/metal band. Part of the new-fusion rock movement, taking music to another level as we know it.

Band's accomplishment Highlights include:

Hsu-Nami's Music was featured in the 2008 Bejing Summer Olympics.
Their song, "Rising of the sun", was picked to be the entrance theme for the Chinese Basketball team. .

Hsu-nami headlined the Taiwan's most famous music festival "Spring Scream" in March of 2011& 2012. Also visiting more then 7 cities tour the whole country of Taiwan both years.

headlined Modern Sky Records (China) CMJ showcase in Ocotober 2010 at Fat Baby.

headlined the CAPA Festival 2007 2009 2010, biggest Taiwan festival in US "Passport to Taiwan" festival at Union Square NYC from 2006-2013. Flushing's Dragon Boat festival 2010 2011.

over the spam of almost 10 years, Hsu-nami tour all over United States and Canada perform at festivals in Toronto, Vancourver, conventions at Seattle, St. Louis, Boston, Baltimore, Charlotte etx..

Hsu-Nami toured China in 2010. performing at the Strawberry Festival (20,000 attendee festival) at Shanghai & Beijing.

Also featured on MTV Iggy,mtv2 and mtvU
A division of MTV Networks available on more than 750 colleges and university campuses in the U.S. Fans can also get a glimpse of the show through MTV channels like MTV Korea, Japan, Asia and Australia.

Received national coverage from media outlets on USA Today, International Herald Tribune (the global edition of the New York Times), NBC sports, Associated Press, WCBS 880, 1010 wins,, The Chinese World Journal, The Bergen Record, Fort Mill Times,, and


"If Charle Danials was adopted by Chinese parents and jamed with King Crimson that is Hsu-nami" - Andrew Watson/Universal Records

Jack Hsu's innovative style of playing and techniques have managed to transform the erhu into a legitimate rock musical instrument. This kind of musical-culture negotiation is no easy task, if you ask me. - Wendy Hsu, phD candidate, Department of music, University of Virginia,

The Hsu-nami is on the short list "best bands at Arlenes 2009" - Julia Darling/Arlene's Grocery


Hsu-nami has self-released two albums.

their first CD titled "Entering the Mandala" on November 30th 2007.

Their 2nd CD "The Four Noble Truths" release April 2009.

Set List

1. Tim Salinger 6:00
2. Snake Skin Shuffle 3:30
3. Godfather Theme 3:07
4. Rogue Wave 4:40
5. The Four Noble Truths 10:00
6. Black Tortoise
7. Reincarnation 8:00
8. Passport to Taiwan 6:00
9. Dragon King of North Sea 8:00
10. Entering of the Mandala 6:04