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"Comments from Canada"

Thank you profusely for sending us The Hudsons.... they were not only the highlight of the Live From the Rock Folk Festival, but the most delightful surprise of my musical summer!
They are fabulous festival players, talented musicians, lovers of music ... their own and others.. and wonderful human beings. The Hudsons have restored my faith in the next generation of folk musicians... Thank you and hugs are sent to all of them! - Liz Harvey-Foulds, Artistic Director, Summerfolk and Live from the Rock Festivals

"After Seeing the Hudsons..."

“The Hudsons’ shows are masterful and engaging, as the band members clearly put their hearts into their performances and treat the crowds as if they were full of favorite cousins and childhood friends.” - Justin Vaughn, Bryan-College Station Eagle

"The Total Package"

“In my line of business (producer and wannabe rock god), I hear a lot of vocals. I hear a lot of musicians. I hear a lot of writers. The Hudsons are right at the top of my list in all departments …In a nutshell, The Hudsons are ear and brain candy for a music-loving audience.” - Greg Forest, Greg Forest Media

"A Good Folk Band"

“…one of Austin's friendliest, cleverest and most honest folk groups.” - Jeff McCrary, Austin American Statesman

"Review of The Hudsons 3rd Album: Before I Sleep"

The duo, Hudson Mueller and Brian Hudson, demonstrates why it was the winner of Best Folk Band at the 2007 Austin Music Awards with tunes like the sweet lullaby "Dreams" and strident "Money Goes to the Man"... - Jim Caligiuri, The Austin Chronicle

"Voted Best Folk Band in Austin"

"Austin Music Awards Best Folk Band, 2006-2007" - Austin Chronicle

"Public Radio's Darlings"

"They're my favorite young band." - John Aielli, KUT

"The Toast of Kerville"

“The best band in the universe.” - Dallis Allen, Producer of the Kerville Folk Fest

"The Hudsons Welcome Their Fans"

"If you catch the Hudsons on a regular basis, you might recognize many of the same audience members. Indeed, they appear to have developed a cultish following. But it's hard to say why. Maybe it's because of their catchy songs, or because of how they incorporate their fans in their songs. But I think it's because they don't treat their fans like fans at all, but more
like old friends."
-- Jeff McCrary
- Xlent, austin texas


2003: "Songs About People"
2005: "Live Album"
2007: "Before I Sleep"



The story of The Hudsons is not a fairy tale. They are not the sort of band you’d watch a VH1 biopic about on a Sunday afternoon. The cigar-smoking-guy in the long white limo has yet to show up at one of their gigs and make their wildest dreams come true. Yet somehow they’ve managed to do without all that.

The Hudsons, based in Austin, Texas, have spent the last eight years performing, recording and promoting their own brand of acoustic music to an audience built the old-fashioned way — by driving from town to town and putting on outstanding shows.

Brian Hudson and Hudson Mueller share more than just a name. They both play acoustic guitar. And they both love a good song. It’s this love of the song that has kept them together for eight years. They’ve released three albums on their own Beans and Rice label. And they’ve won several awards (Kerrville songwriting champs two-years running, and an Austin Music Award for Best Folk Band ’06-‘07).

In 2007, the Hudsons found a musical soul-mate in violinist Leah Zeger. When she’s not playing in the Austin symphony she joins the boys. She adds beauty and sophistication with her violin and voice.

Brian and Hudson started sharing their homespun songs with each other at the original Waterloo Icehouse around the turn of the millennium. To this day, Waterloo remains the Hudsons’ headquarters. If the band is in town on a Thursday night, they’ll undoubtedly be at the Waterloo trying out their new material on an excited and loyal group of friends and fans.

When Friday rolls around, the Hudsons saddle up their trusty mini-van (affectionately dubbed Big Hud) and hit the road. A standard weekend may take them to College Station, Houston, Galveston, or the Hill Country. But the Hudsons isn’t just a Texas phenomenon. They’ve been everywhere: Santa Fe, NM; New York City; Ontario. And everywhere they go, the Hudsons impress and inspire audiences, leaving a trail of CDs and koozies in their wake.