The Huge Manatease

The Huge Manatease


Bring on the fun.


This week we're cowboys, next week is a pajama party. The Manatease formed in early 2006 and quickly developed a knack for showing up at practice. The songs are a mish-mash of stream of consiousness lyrics; culled mainly from a year's worth of conversation snippets on nights out around Vancouver. The songs are an odd mixture of 60's pop, bubblegum indie, grunge homage, alt-country, and just plain-old 'what the hell is that?'. Songs such as Pancakes, Handcancer and Sasquatch are sure to redefine modern society as we know it. Any minute now.

If you don't yet own a Huge Manatease t-shirt, then your dog should die, and your wife should leave you.

Also, Natalie plays keyboards with her elbows.

The band is staffed by Natalie Vermeer on sings and keys, (who also does time playing with The Awkward Stage, Doers and Good News); Chart Magazine scribe/(Allouette Lake and Palmer) player Trevor Hargreaves on geetar and vocales; Iain Reeve (also of the Contraptioneers) on various instruments; and our own Mexican hot sauce drummer Christian Chaumont (also a Wintermitt) on Drums.


Debut album out in August.

Set List

Sets are around 30-40 minutes normally. Average setlist as follows: Songs are 3-4 minutes on average and our incessant banter fills whatever other time there is.

Smells Like Gas In This Town
Why Do You Taunt Me With Your Beauty
The Bunny Song
Call In Sick As A Couple
These Push-ups Are 4 You
Happily Divided (Sebadoh Cover)