The Huguenots

The Huguenots


A synthesis of sundry 60's-influenced sources such as The Beatles and the Kinks, Garage rockers such as The Strokes and the Libertines, and a strong emphasis on harmony and melody.


Often times, band biographies come across as contrived and ridden with cliché, full of "coming to a town near you" and "forming a unique synthesis of blah blah blah," often resulting in something that reads like it was written by a computer, nonetheless making the band at stake seem both prefabricated and entirely boring. So, in an effort to distance ourselves from this trend, we will try to be as concise as possible: We love pop music. We like songs that are under 3 1/2 minutes. We love things that are timeless (be it clothes, instruments, sounds). We love rock and roll. We are not going for "unique syntheses" or trying to "expand your horizons" or "create a tenuous but altogether real personal connection" through our music, we just want to see you dance. So if this combination doesn't make us sound entirely distasteful to you (and the music above is properly invigorating), come see us when we play. Listen to our songs. That is about as much as we can ask.


She'll Take You Down

Written By: Sam Logan/York Howie

She wrote your name,
You've been invited
She make the cake,
it's been decided
What's the occasion for bring us here?
Yea she's bring you closer
It's nice to be near

Singing La La La...

If we were kids she'd be your friend-
just to steal your toys
If you had sense you lock your door-
before you lost your boy

Oh no, do you know?
She'll take you down!

She's setting the plate,
Now she's deciding
You're playing her game,
There's no use in trying
What's the occasion for bringing us here?
Yea she's bringing you closer
It's nice to be near

On My Doorstep

Written By: Sam Logan/York Howie

Here you stand upon my doorstep
You're ready to leave
Cause I predict another trainwreck
Before you get to the street

Cause I know that if you leave,
The locks will change and I'll be free
I'm opening my window so you'll see
That the light won't show...

That she's not in control
And know she knows
She needs to go

Here you stand upon my doorstep
And I'm asking you to leave
Cause you can get the things you wanna get
And I don't want to wait and see

She'll be taking back all of the thigns she said
She'll be trying to get inside my head
She'll be waiting for me on my doorstep
Even though she needs to leave

I Would Say

Written By: Sam Logan/York Howie

You talk of things you'll never know
You're walking backwards with your eyes closed
And the song you're singing
Will soon be sounding sorry

You say that should learn to grow
But then you'd be all on your own
And the song your singing
Will soon be sounding sorry

I would say you should wait for me
But please go if you're gonna go
I would say if you wanna leave
Well then please say it isn't so

You say that I have took too much
Your bag is empty when you turn and run
But the bells are bringing
All the baskets you borrowed

So what are you waiting for?
Yea what are you waiting for?
Why are you waiting?


Written By: Sam Logan/York Howie

You wanna tell me something
That I know
Will make the distance between us grow
Oh but darling really can't this wait?
'Til the morning when it's too late?

Oh Julia, did you really mean to say
All the things you said before you went away?
Julia, cause it's really hard to say,
Is there nothing I can say to make you stay awhile

Til you see
What you're doing to me
It seems a wrong
and I just can't let that be

You see that you would love me always
But how can love be here when you're away?
I heard your words before you said them
But I kept wishing you were mistaken

Oh Julia...

Wait! You see!
You just can't leave!
Cause your reasons
I just cannot believe...
It ends! This way!
Oh darling! Please stay!
Just one more night
and leave in the morning
So I won't see you go


-Debut EP/Demo, recorded at Track and Field Recordings, Chapel Hill.
-Various live tracks from WXYC Studios, UNC Chapel Hill
-All tracks from these sessions that are on the EP are streaming from our MySpace page, at
-New songs from home recording sessions recorded and mixed by the Huguenots

Set List

1)She'll Take You Down
2)One Foot In Th' Sea
3)Lost, Not Found
4)I Would Say
5)Here With You
6)Something Else
7)Nail Polish On Your Trigger Finger
9)On My Doorstep
10)See and Be Seen
11)I Got You (In Trouble)
13)Changing Ways

Our sets usually range from 35-45 minutes, depending on which slot in the bill we are playing. We have done opening act, second act, and headlining slots so our setlist often varies according to placement. Also, we are able to modify the set based on what type of bands we are playing with or who we are playing to.