The Humans

The Humans



Formed in the fall of 2005 upon the return of Nick Gallant to the Bay Area, "the Humans" is the final incarnation of a series of collaborations between friends over many years. With a drive to make the music that they would want to hear (but that is not out there yet) as the band's foundation, they have created a body of work that is easily appreciable while thematically unique. It is dynamic rock n' roll, with no two songs that blend sonically in memory. Lyrics place the listener directly into story fragments, satirically rephrase things that they may have thought about before, and surprise in ways that are funny and sometimes troubling. Lyrical styles are influenced in equal part by musicians as diverse as Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, and Ice Cube, and writers such as Kurt Vonnegut and Philip K. Dick.

Sam Ospovat has a masters degree in percussion from Mills University, and has played in bands in the bay area including Kids and Hearts, and Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums. Nick Gallant has a certificate in recording engineering from the Berklee School of Music, and has been in bands such as Pocket Sauce (Boston) and Cruz Control (Santa Cruz). Andy Rothwell has studied music privately for 20 years, and has previously been in bands such as the Steveweisers and Redline (both Santa Cruz).


The Humans (parts 1 and 2)

Written By: The Humans

The Humans (part 1)

Verse 1
The human population
Had grown too quickly
We’d built cities
above those existing
Our food supply
Provided by machines
Outside in fields
Where humans weren’t seen
Nobody worked
There was little need
But socially
There was inequality
Enforced with letters
A through F
Worn on chests to
tell intelligence
The stated mandate
was to free up space
the base remained
shorted, uneducated
Infertile, aborted
force medicated, content
sedate, prone
to headaches,tired, impotent
We might have put up a fight
But we all feared inside
To be the one who died
To keep the movement alive
And the high society
never elected
directed the senate
artificially selected
Born in, frauds
They’d kept their strength
Conducting flawed
Biased IQ tests
And thought the policy
was abstinence
they liked to rub in
the nightly orgies, tantric sex
They took pills too but
They were different
Caused happiness
Erections, confidence
In bliss, they persisted
to pick up refills
though it was revealed
the pills made them ill
Sick livers, spleens
pancreas and kidneys
bones perforated
muscles atrophied
dead mental hemispheres
right, left, frontal, dorsal
Their mass suicide
was accidental

And the drug’s effect
Continued to take
As their bodies wrecked
They felt no fear or shame
It was a terrible time
For anyone else
Nightmares were inspired
By their appearance
Walking till their eyeballs
rotted away
Still smiling as their
Jaws separated
from bent-necked heads
Dragging broken legs
Waving at friends fingerless
Pitching tents
At the end, unaware
Anything was amiss
They died where they stood
Ate and drank, and had sex

Verse 2
As alarmists had warned
For decades before
We polluted the air
And the climate warmed
The plants were scorched
it harmed our corn
Shortly our food’s
Arrival fell short
With no relief in the cities
we left in fear
to hoard the remnants
left in the fields
But getting the food
we faced great danger
from android rangers
armed to kill strangers
still under order
to defend the soil
the more of us joined
the more cyborgs deployed
There was a gory war
They all were destroyed
It was a new morning
But our joy was short
We entered a life of
labor and toil
And no one had ever
done chores before
The work was hard
our parcels were small
our parties as large
as our armed could guard
Harvests just enough
but we were tired
of eating cactus
lizards, snakes, spiders
Our infant society’s
laws turned twisted
for killing a person
a slap on the wrist
But if the meat on their bones
wasn’t fully picked
if provisions wasted
we were strict
The mob exhibited
its iron fist
no case existed
that was dismissed

If there was any waste
In any case
The penalty faced
Was to take it’s place
They were tied to stakes
at the center of village
We threw stones
Read freaky incantations
Left them until
they starved to death
their bodies eaten
at a great banquet
We never made excuses
for being cannibals
thought of it as using
every part of the animal

The Humans (part 2)

Verse 3
All our work to preserve
the herds hurt worse
when we learned the flu
that hit first came from birds
We restarted the windmills
on top of our towers
we put up windows
where there weren’t houses
A massacre occurred
it worked in short term
till the virus matured
and hit mammals, bugs, worms
It spread to penguins
when the infected drowned
to whales and dolphins
through ultrasound
We found ourselves
cowering underground
a new set of counselors
had been crowned
It was the scientists and doctors
who were most brave
who’d ranked in our orders
A+ and A
With their aid we sealed
Ourselves in safe
Protected from raids
Staged by outside invaders
And living in caves
And the tunnels we’d paved
We who they’d saved
Gave ourselves to be slaves
Before we’d realized
The price they’d paid
They’d changed from the stress
They faced every day
They were crazy with rage
Totally ape
No one could say
How depraved they became

And at that date
It was way too late
They were obsessed with our
Preparedness state
And the people that we’d trusted
To treat us fairly
were taking volunteers
For experiments that strained
honor and sanity
they were broken, sprained
tortured severely
Unspeakable pain
and mercy rarely
It was all in the name
Of homeland security

Verse 4
We left the caves and tubes
Before the world blew
Waited in queues
For spaceships that flew
For seven-hundred years
Give or take a minute
Our fleet of shuttles ran
To a galaxy and planet
And we cloned our lives
Every 80 years time
And youthanized ourselves
To stretch supplies
We had to ration the food
And budget the power
There was no light, no heat
No water to shower
It was hard to bring knowledge
Along on the ride
Cause paper disintegrates
Computer chips fry
Each clone memorized
A theory in science
We left

College Republican Girls

Written By: The Humans

College Republican Girls

Verse 1
...go to their republican party
But I won’t drink beer conservatively
I’ll list of ways I like the best
That republican girls are like the rest
They’ve got:
breath mints and bad intelligence
clear skin and domestic spyin’
Expensive hair and grade school prayer
They’re cheesecake craving and they’re flag-waving
And I’d fuck a college republican girl

Verse 2
...plug my ears when they talk about god
Or they equate being gay with fucking a dog
I won’t listen but I’ll watch them talk
Cause even young republicans are dressing hot
They’ve got:
Push-up bras and fucked-up laws
High-heeled shoes and bullshit news
Uhgs to the knees and WMDs
Orange fishnets and border militias
But I’ll never understand why anyone 20
Would want to stack the deck for their own security
They’ve got a fucked-up fear of the world
But I’d still fuck the college republican girls

Verse 3
...teach a kid god created the world
aid NAVY recruiters to prey on the poor
How far would I stray to get myself laid?
I’d waste my day at their pro-life parade
I’d freak the fuck out, pound my chest like a gorilla
Spit on some poor girl, and scream “you baby-killer”
And I’d be sure as fuck they were on the pill
Before I fucked the college republican girls

Verse 4
...try not to break down when faking support
For the war we’re losing and we shouldn’t have started
It’s hard to sell out when you’re being sanctioned
I want to get some affirmative action
I want:
Hand-jobs and propaganda
Plastic strap-ons and automatic weapons
Ménage a trois and patriot laws
Doggystyley and Bill O’Reilly
Crotchless panties and Sean Fucking Hannity
Cum on their tits and Paul Wolfowitz
Anal beads and Tom Delay
Golden Showers and naked human towers
Salad tosses and burned crosses
I wanna hate-fuck the college republican girls
Hate-fuck the college republicans
Hate-fuck the college republicans
Hate-fuck the college republicans
Hate-fuck the college republican fucks


Over 500 copies of a demo cd have been passed out or taken from FREE boxes at Amoeba Record, Aquarius Records, and Force of Habit Records in San Francisco.

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