The Humbugs Trio

The Humbugs Trio


We play original acoustic, pop rock. Lots of three part harmony. If Elvis Costello and Aimee Mann had a baby, but gave it up for adoption and it was raised by Paul McCartney and Chrissie Hynde, it's name would be The Humbugs.


The Humbugs Trio is the acoustic version of the band The Humbugs. The Humbugs are five piece rockin' power pop machine, but The Humbugs Trio is where we break it down to acoustic guitars and focus on the lush harmonies that has been our calling card. Adam and Kristin Marshall have been creating music together for over ten years. Mike Senkovich joined the band in 2004. Together they've toured nationally, playing shows in Chicago, Cleveland, New York among others. They've performed at six International Pop Overhtrow music festivals. They also perform regularly at many Twin Cities venues including: The 400 Bar, The Uptown Bar, The Turf Club, O'Gara's, The Fine Line, Lee's Liquor Lounge, and many others, as well as the Main stage at The Stone Arch Festival the last four years.


Twist The Truth, 2005
Stereo Types, 2002
Hey That's My Bike, 1999 EP

Set List

We can play three 45 minute sets. Probably 70% originals.
Chapter 2
Do You Believe in Summer
Whenever My Hands Are Tied
She Says She Loves Him
King Of The Absurd
Guilty As Sin
Selective Memory
Baby You Don't Know
Breaking Up with Myself
Cream Green Karmann Ghia
She Goes Home Alone
Lost On The D
You Don't Want To Break My Heart
She's Not Sad
Calico Eyes
Walking Home To You
Crash On Your Couch
Never Noticed Me
Give Me A Clue
Take A Chance
Lies Behind The Glass
Employee Of The Month
One More Day
Come Clean
As Long As I Matter
Average Fairy Tale
So Simple
Easier Said Than Done

Drive My Car - Beatles
I'm Only Sleeping - Beatles
No Reply - Beatles
Nowhere Man - Beatles
Ballad Of John And Yoko - Beatles
Dig A Pony - Beatles
It Won't Be Long - Beatles
Monday Morning - Fleetwood Mac
Talk Of The Town - The Pretenders
Tracks Of My Tears - Smokey Robinson
Waterloo - Abba
Someday Someway - Marshall Crenshaw