The hundred Flowers

The hundred Flowers


A band that plays the glam card without going camp on us. Recalling era of tragic beauty, flash, and trashy elegance better than some progenitors of the genre. THF, musicianship + stagecraft = show to delight the eyes while dazzling the ears. Rock & Roll, not just a genre, watch the audience move.


The name comes from an ancient movement in China, and the band The Hundred Flowers fuses their sound in the form of a furious rock and roll movement. Their jazz, blues, and punk influences show reminiscent to the heydays of purist rock.


Love & Loss - 2005 Enhanced CD [included video]
Airplay on Singles: "Spread The Disease" and "Second Avenue"
Live at The Fireside bowl [Chicago] - 2002

Set List

Original music for 120 Minutes +