The Hunger Artists

The Hunger Artists

 Glendale, Arizona, USA

We are an Agro 1950's influenced Folk Punk band from Phoenix Arizona.


The music we write is a blend of our failures and mishaps and hopes and evaluations of everything as we see it. With horns and guitar leads and even bass lines roaring behind acoustic based music. Between the raw energy and soul it sends a message in which most fans seem to relate. With topics of fear of losing your imagination as you get older to wondering why we are still starting fights or especially, not wanting to feel sorry for our selves. All with an up beat sound that makes you want to dance and clap and sing along.We formed in 2007 In the back yard of our parents house and moved on from basicly Three people to Several others that helped us along to find our sound.


cowboy poetry

Written By: Troy simons and Thomas Acres

Pack my bags boys
I think its time that I moved on
this town feels stale and stagnent
with things that make for easy of moving along

you left me paper and told me to write everyday
but without sound like an ass
your the reason that I went away

thanks for the cigarettes (they keep me up at night.)
I'm never writing you (A single day of my life)

I gotta go wait nevermind
just take a drink and you'll be fine
as I slip out the window

as if you'll miss me when I'm gone
adios amigo

verse 2

bartender pour me another round
and I'll share a story of a girl
Ieft behind
*have another drink and you'll be fine!!*
way back west
when I was young
there was nothing left for me
finally decided to make a man of myself

I spent six months outside of this saloon
(not once forgetting you)
drinking round after round
(always wishing I was home)


I gotta go wait nevermind just take this drink and you'll be fine
(as I slip out the window)
as if you'll miss me when I'm gone
(adios amigo)

verse 3

so I took the trek back home just to see
what to see
what life was like
without me

shes not alone cant you see
shes sitting here right next to me

*thats when I realized
that loves just momentary*

I beg to differ joe
your just a jack ass dont you know
I snuck a kiss
I threw my fist


I gotta go wait nevermind just take this drink and you'll be fine
(as I slip out the window)
as if you'll miss me when I'm gone
(adios amigo)

Dont wake me up

Written By: Troy Simmons & Thomas Acres

Storing all my thoughts in this here cheap white wine box.
Never caring for the words that flow from my mouth.
Always stressing over things I should'nt worry about.
Sharring needles with the world and I don't really give a fuck.


When I fall asleep I reach enlightenment and I dream all do
and I try so hard to remember the things that I've seen
so I can share them with you when you ask me how my day has been

When I talk to you it's like tenthousand leagues under the sea
When I write to you I've got nothing to say but I do it anyway
Sleeping in the same room is really hard with two seperate beds
I don't know where I am going with this Im just going off of my head


sped up verse:

I poked a hole in the world just to prove how crazed things seem
I cut off mr. t's mowhawk just to give him a sense of change I piddy the fool
god damn.
take my mac and chese with lsd if you please
I married a nun just to create my own state of religious affairs.


Our Single Cowboy poetry is on two cd's one we released as a split with Great Job and two other compilations.(The real cochella & Brootal sunfest) plus our song Don't wake me up is circleing both the U.S. and the U.K on a compilation called Tri-lingual and friends. We are currently working on our first full lenght album called Two shots for bad timing.