The Hunter Cometh

The Hunter Cometh


A fusion of rock/Funk and world music with a powerful live stage show will draw you in for a journey through many and varied states of musical bliss. The polyrhythms of 2 drummers blended with searing guitars and heartbeat altering bass lines will change the way you hear modern rock and roll forever


The Hunter Cometh began with Vinnie and Ryan about 6 years ago, writing songs and playing with one other guitarist, (no longer with us), Rob came in 3 years ago , Nathan and Lonny shortly thereafter. They wanted to write songs that would stretch the boundaries of modern rock and roll by blending rock/funk/punk and world influences(No Means No, Manowar, Mickey Hart, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Primus, Motorhead, ) This fusion proved very successful in creating a uniquely Hunter Cometh sound, with many song lyrics speaking out in protest, while others offer insight into our inner mind, teamed up with driving instrumental tunes that take you on a journey into the upper musical stratosphere. We have a dynamic set that wants to be on the larger stage where the groups musicianship can shine.


EP: The Hidden Motive, Murder, Driven, Addiction 2006
Album: "We Are The Product" 15 songs 2007
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Set List

Cart Before the Horse
Skid Bag Party
6 Dead Soldiers
The Hidden Motive
The hunter cometh
A Forest(cover)
See Line Woman(cover)

Set is usually 50 to 60 minutes or 2 -30 minute sets