The Hunting Horns

The Hunting Horns

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

The Hunting Horns play an intense form of music that combines the fire and brimstone of old time gospel, folk, waltzes and ballads with an orchestrated rock'n'roll sensibility.


The Hunting Horns began with singer-songwriter Ryan Griffiths and friend/drummer Nathan Gawalko during informal late night recording sessions. What started innocently enough as an opportunity to make a few demos turned into a driven period of creativity that resulted in a full blown album. The rest of the band began to take shape as the songs and arrangements fell into place. Since then the band has played to enthusiastic audiences around Toronto.
Their live performances have earned comparisons to such artists as Nick Cave, Arcade Fire and Tom Waits due to their intense and dynamic shows. The band looks forward to having the chance to continue to play and record and grows stronger and more creative with every show.
As far influences - the band really came together with a shared love of artists such as Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and other great writers and musicians and tries to retain a little of their integrity.


The Hunting Horns released their debut album "Songs From Iron Range" digitally on the site last November and released traditional hard copies in February. The album is available at several Toronto retailers including Soundscapes and Sixshooter Records as well as at our live shows.

Set List

The typical set list consists of playing our album in any order that seems to fit the venue, so generally it's a 10 song set that last just over an hour.