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"Sonicbids Day 1: Who are The Hustlers anyway?"

How cool is this? A site that you can actually connect with promoters and set up gigs! I am totally amazed. Putting together the EPK was easy and all of our pictures and songs uploaded with ease. I made our songs available to download, so feel free to load them up on your ipod.

I hope that if your reading this you give our music a chance because we as a band think that it speaks for itself, and we don't have to B.S. a bunch of nonsense to people about it to make it seem relevant and "cool". It's straight to the point and all our songs tell a story that people can interpret differently. Thats why i think our songs are so sweet, because when you look at the lyrics people can put together their own philosophy of what we are talking about. In all of our songs we have specific things we are trying to say, but that doesn't mean we need to ruin the fun for listeners and tell them what they should experience from our lyrics.

It's pretty similar when talking about our style too. Are we an acid surf band, a blues/jazz group, a plain old rock and roll power trio, a 60's inspired garage rock band, a full out punk rock band, or an R&B soul ensemble? I couldn't tell you. Lets leave our categorization up to the musicologists and just call ourselves a 21st century ORIGINAL rock band that has no limitations or boundaries. Just three guys with vocal chords, drums, and guitars.
Bergen - Bergen Maurstad


Green St. (EP) ©2008
Doin' It Again (Full Length) ©2010




Trough their many years of song writing and performing, The Hustlers have prepared themselves for a life of rock. This band is as powerful as a full outfit but performs as a Power Trio. Raw, soulful singing, accompanies many of the tunes in their catalogue (consisting over 4 hours of material). It’s hard to question their new hip style.

We believe music dosen’t exist on one level, but many perspectives. On stage or in the studio, we embrace the soul of the live environment. As heard on the tune “up or down”, Bergen Maurstad and Joe Coia accompany Todd Skaronea vocally. Inspiring lyrics and colorful harmony create melody.

Be classy be yourself.

On the other end is musicianship. For Example “the dust”, one of their songs on their new album “Doin it Again”, features Bergen Maurstad singing leads while holding a tight solid groove for Joe Coia (bassist). The guitarist, Todd Skaronea, uses rhythms to create an immediate atmosphere that gets you on your feet. It dynamically shifts towards the end of the song when The Hustlers groove to the top.

The Hustlers