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The Hylandaz

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You ever wonder what has happened to good hip hop music these days? Are you tired of the watered down music you hear on the Radio? Well we are too! We have decided to do something about it? WE TOOK OVER ALL RADIO STATIONS BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! We have decided to take action and save hip hop!


The Hylandaz is a Chicago/Atlanta based group of producers one who doubles as a emcee. From out of the ashes comes one of the most original underground hip hop release in years. Their debut full length “Hostile Takeover” is a 16 track banger boasting a lineup studded with some of the underground’s finest featuring exclusive cuts by Boston rap legend EDO.G., C-Rayz Walz (Def Jux), Maspyke (ABB Recordings), Main Flow (Mood), Earatik Statik (Gravel Records), Psyche Origami (Arc The Finger) and much more. Also featuring production from top 10 CMJ charting duo Single Minded Pros (Chicago beat battle champion DJ Rude One and Doc West).


Hostile Takeover

Set List

Stomp Device--Feat. Nebulus The Legend

Art of Poise--Feat. Killa Kalm of Binkis Records

Mass Transits--Feat. EDO.G & Omega of The Hylandaz

Storm Watch (Issue #1)--Feat. Jah Safe & Vitamen D

U Know Who You Are--Feat. Danny S aka Shamgod

Rip Your Ish--Feat. Omega of The Hylandaz

Bloodlines--Feat. Omega and Nebulus

Tedium--Feat. Idris Goodwin aka Eye Spy

Back to Basics--Feat. Binkis Records

Art of Energy--Feat. C Rayz Walz

The Wall--Feat. Larry Miller and Shadow Master

Sucker Free--Feat. Maspyke

Opposites--Feat. Main Flow of Mood & Seth Of Earatik Statik

Ernie Kovaks--Feat. Tableek of Maspyke & Omega of The Hylandaz

Heart Stopper--Feat. Omega, Nebulus & Psyche Origami

Straight Aim--Feat. Earatik Statik