The I.C.U.

The I.C.U.

 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
BandHip HopPop

A breath of fresh air to modern day Hip Hop. The I.C.U. members provide a combination of everyday street wisdom and political commentary with mainstream appeal.


The I.C.U., which is an acronym for Introspective Collaboration of Uniqueness, was founded in 2004 by New Orleans recording artists, E.D. Nix (19), MacNiffy (18), and Flyght (17).

The group was influenced by East Coast rappers like Nas and Jay-Z mixed with equal parts New Orleans swagger such as Juvenile and Lil Wayne. They began aggravating their parents and neighbors with rapping and beat making in kitchens and car ports. As high school students The I.C.U. made a name for themselves’ playing at various clubs around New Orleans. They quickly established a following. However, just as things were starting off, the deluge of Hurricane Katrina destroyed everything they owned. The crew of three fought through the tragedy and adversity and re-united to release "The Prep Report Vol. 1" in 2007. Witty and cynical lyrics helped create the buzz that propelled The I.C.U. to gain a following and show serious potential.

After pushing aside deals over creative control disputes with two of the power house labels from New Orleans, they finally inked an independent deal with Large Marge World Media in 2008. Through teaming up with legendary New Orleans Producer Mister Wayne, they have been able to establish a distinct sound amongst the New Orleans Hip Hop scene. Their music is a combination of 90's era lyricism with contemporary themes and production. They have a unique way of meshing youthful vigor with nostalgic soul.

The I.C.U. is in the process of wrapping up their debut EP “F.L.Y. Musik”, which is an acronym for Future Lives in the Youth. “Radio Loud” is the first release of the album. It has been played on local radio stations Q93 FM New Orleans, 102.9 FM New Orleans, Max 94.1 FM Baton Rouge, and Hot 107.9 FM Lafayette,LA.

One of The I.C.U.'s most recent accolades was being awarded "Best Rappers of the South" by legendary Hip Hop Producer Manny Fresh at the 2009 Industry Influence Awards in New Orleans, LA sponsored by Q93 FM and Clear Channel Communications.

The I.C.U. has had the opportunity to perform on the same stage as legendary Hip Hop Producers and DJs Pete Rock and Manny Fresh, and up and coming independent artists D12, Jedi Mind Tricks, The Knux, The Kids in the Hall, Little Brother, Curren$y, Nesby Phips, J Electronica, Mickey Facts, and Wiz Khalifa.

In the upcoming months, The I.C.U. will begin to travel and promote their new album. We hope that you will be a bright star along their path to success.


"F.L.Y. Musik" - set to release July 2010

Set List

Set Lasts: 20-25 minutes

Set List:
Ring a Bell
He Did That
All About Me Now
Blessed to Be Fresh
Miss Right
Radio Loud