the Idgets

the Idgets


The Idgets is a mainstream modern rock band with subtle references to early rock artists such as the Rolling Stones, the Who, and the Beatles. Their songs combine passionate lyrics, soaring vocals, innovative guitar arrangements and a solid rhythm section.


The singer, writer and producer for the Idgets, Shawn Bergen was hailed as "...a legend in the making" (Culture Shock CBC Radio One) following his solo release Thought Control in 2002. The Idgets first convened in the autumn of 2005 after Bergen returned from the mountains in BC with a NEW TUNE and a NEW SOUND. Lifelong pal Jon Schroeder packed all of his earthly goodies into and on top of his VW and teetered his way from Calgary back to Winnipeg to play demon guitar for the burgeoning foursome. Steve Martens, an established drummer in the Winnipeg scene, was soon to get on board. Many temporary bassists went by before the discovery in the spring of 2006 of Wayne Zelisney who makes the Idgets' driving guitar rock BOUNCE. The debut EP Come On is available in local stores as well as iTunes. The new full length CD New Is The New Old is now available as a hard copy or download at CdBaby. The Idgets have made a solemn, long term commitment to producing great music for people who love music.


Save Me

Written By: Shawn Bergen

I wandered the wilderness for forty days
Hounded by the devil 'til I broke his chains
And I'm coming down from the mountain
To see you my sweet angel of liberty

Over the hills to the flatlands where the
Sun sets like fire in God's open hand and I
I'm dying to see you my sweet angel of the prairie sky

Hold me close
Hold me close

Take me into your streets of gold and bright lights
Take me to a garden of dreams and endless blue skies
Take me down to the place where the river runs from the ground to the kingdom
Save me, open my eyes and let the truth find solace
Here in our time

It feels like a thousand years since I
Heard you laugh out loud and the scent of you
Would send me to the clouds
My sweet angel of alchemy

You are the daylight to my distress
Goddess of the morning in an evening dress
And I can't wait to hide in your darkness
My sweet angel of mystery

Hold me close
Hold me close

Take me...

We can be the evidence
Of love in a cynical world


Written By: Shawn Bergen

I saw your troops along the border
to sound the alarm, to keep me out
you want me to love, you want me to love you
you want me to tear down your wall of doubt

I sent you wine from the vineyards of Babylon
Arabian horses by the river where I met you
I sent you perfume from the gardens of the Queen
to buy your love, to get you next to me

I saw your troops along the border
to sound the alarm, to keep me out
you want me to lie, you want me to lie to you
but I cannot, I can only tell the truth

I sent you wine...

I shoulda sent you my love

throw me a line and help me out
what can I do to get to you now
true hearts blaze in summer skies
like the lights of New York
I'm stuck here lost to speak your name
and what's to live for

I shoulda sent you my love


Written By: Shawn Bergen

you didn’t have to do anything
to be my superstar
‘cause I want you
I want you just the way you are

I didn’t call up the agency
to get a better part
‘cause I want you
I want you just the way you are

and I know that I don’t want
to be here without you

why do you say it’s nothing
when you’re so wonderful
why do play yourself down
when you’re so unbelievable

you can take a compliment
you’ve earned every word
you got me going out of my head
haven’t you heard

I want to be by your side
i want to be with you every night
I want to dry your weeping eyes
I want to be by your side

Coming to an End

Written By: Shawn Bergen

you got fed up again today
peace just isn't your forte
you give up

you thought fighting was foreplay
you shot bullets that ricocheted
into my love

you got scared
it's no wonder you left
I'm not pissed
I just want to put it in the past

I hid out in the basement
while you pounded the pavement
wound up

I got stuck in a fantasy
you got tired of reality
fair enough

you got scared
it's no wonder you left
I'm not pissed
I just want to put it in the past

would it kill you
to reach out just a little bit
well get bent
the world is coming to an end

I see the light as it leaves your eyes
don't revel in these sensations
you're always sad around this time
it's a seasonal affectation

you did what you did, it wasn't a crime
the past is past so leave it behind
whatcha gonna do with the rest of your life
whatcha gonna do with your life

you got scared...

All in Good Time

Written By: Shawn Bergen

you got me sending postcards
I've never sent a letter to anyone
and on the front is a picture of my home
and on the back it says I'll never leave you alone

in the morning you called and said
it's over so get over it
and between the lines I read your mind
your discontent was about to turn to regret

all in good time

if I could save you
I would come to your rescue
did you think that I was some kind of superman
well I can't fly or understand why

how could i when you came to me
with your fantasies
and you wanted everything
and everything knows you only get what you bring

all in good time

I tried, I tried to love you
more than you will ever know
and I died, I died without you
though I never let it show

and it's hard, it's hard to forget you
though I know you'll be okay
and I'm learning not to regret you
as we go our separate ways

all in good time

Bad Man Feeling Good

Written By: Shawn Bergen

I was born on Terra
offspring of your thirst
student of your diatribes
every chapter and every verse

I learned to propel myself
to lie before you could blink
'cause a phantom is as good as the real thing
as long as you don't get a chance to think

I'm a charlatan king
wouldn't change anything if I could
I'm the engine of your culture
I'm a bad man feeling good

I corrupted your daughters
and stole from your sons
beat them bloody in the sleeping streets
and filled their heads with guns

I filled their bellies with poison
and told them it was drugs
a sign of youth and freedom
and they could not get enough

I'm a charlatan king
wouldn't change a thing if I could
I'm the engine of your culture
I'm a bad man feeling good

and oh, how we want a remedy
but don't we just love the disease
and oh, how we want our freedom
but we love living on our knees

and we shout and scream for justice
but only for ourselves
we're the wardens of our prisons
confined to our own cells

I've never been so happy as
I've been these past hundred years
with you in the lap of luxury
as you wonder at your tears

you cling to your conventions
and you pray that it will end
but you live in the land of forgetfulness
and you're bound to do it again

I'm a charlatan king
wouldn't change anything if I could
I'm the engine of your culture
I'm a bad man feeling good


Written By: Shawn Bergen

get up get up get up it's time to dream
picture the world the way you want it to be
the show opens today it's up to us
to set the stage

get up get up get up it's time to dance
the gods have made the saints a second chance
new is the new old the future was sold for the past
this time let's make it last

the future came complete with the same old new
it's mediocre but it's gonna have to do
something's broken in the mathematics
did you see the ghost in the machine

we could be avatars
we could shine like the stars
with desire in our hearts
in a place of living art

get up get up get up it's time to laugh
it's a mouse with a megaphone so just take it back
new is the new old silver's the new gold
this time we're gonna make it last

It's All True (except the facts)

Written By: Shawn Bergen

wisdom soon to be an artifact
it's perfect if you can print it on a shot glass
permanence is temporary

it's all true except the facts
the walls are closing in fast
you can't think but you have to act

all the world's a stage but there's no one to write the play
why can't we just play make believe no wrong no right
and no peace of mind and no one to ask why
everybody lies and every body dies inside

play your part don't get too excited
if you don't get your way cause you'll get yours in the afterlife
everybody wins and everybody knows that's just the way it is
and you couldn't change it if you tried

push a button listen to the radio
there's no message see you at the show tonight
we're all drunk and there's no entertainment
it's all audience this is your life

Days Like These

Written By: Shawn Bergen

on late nights such as these
the city streets are sleeping
a small circle of friends
gathers in the basement

love in shining eyes
friendship in the fire light
you need someone to lean on
and hold you 'til the weekend

you feel sad we all do
you feel alone we all do

on days like these
no one make the a-list
it takes three cups of coffee
to make it out for breakfast

you wanted to count for something
you wanted to be noticed
you're not the only one
who's ever felt like this

we fall down and we pull ourselves together
we get up and hold on to each other
on days like these

The Palestine Hotel

Written By: Shawn Bergen

we live in a world full of leaders who don't read who can't lead
who buys votes with expensive marketing ploys
well that ain't no kind of leader i ever heard of
do they think for themselves or just take notes from the boys

here they come spinning their wheels
breaking the bank on their weapons of steel
raining bullets on high ideals
it's a shame it's a shame it's a shame shame shame
here we go it's the same old game

come on this is the time
and a beautiful place for a revolution
we need it now like a ray of sunshine
a new point of view to open our eyes

come on into the light
if you're over the thrill of the corporate soft sell
we're gonna tell it just like it is
and if the truth is bad business we'll meet them in hell
at the palestine

we live in a world full of lies that we believe
be they liberal lies or conservative lies it makes no difference
and with the truth undisguised right in front of our eyes
we hold on for dear life to our ignorance

here we come spinning our wheels
drinking the kool aid 'cause it feels so real
choosing comfort over high ideals
it's a shame it's a shame it's a shame shame shame
drink it all down it's the same old game


EP 'Come On'
Save Me

LP New Is The New Old
It's All True (except the facts)

Set List

2 sets, 40 min. each

1. Palestine Hotel
2. Coming to an End
3. Somebody Loves You
4. Arabia
5. Clown Control
6. Can't Stand the Waiting
7. Limousine
8. Superstar
9. All in Good Time
10. Long Time
11. Bad Man Feeling Good
12. Everyman
13. Watcha Want
14. Save Me
15. This is Your Life
16. On the Day
17. A.D.
18. Avatars
19. It' All True (except the facts)
20. Days Like These