The Idiots

The Idiots


The concept is simple. Four cousins who have been rocking together since they could talk. Just the basics: guitar, drums, bass, vocal. Rock and Roll; no frills, no djs, no computers. CHICAGO GARAGE ROCK 'N' ROLL!!!


On July 26, 1984 an amazing thing happened: Prince was teaching us to love again, Ronald Reagan took a very long nap while in the White House. Meanwhile, and possible more importantly in Chicago, the lineup for the rock ‘n’ roll group The Idiots was complete.


Growing up together as cousins brought a closeness and a mutual love for good music. First as casual observers the boys discovered the classics – The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks – but listening and absorbing just wasn’t enough. One by one each picked up an instrument and started to emulate tunes of their favorite bands. Unhappy with simply being a “covers” band, an uncanny songwriting bond was formed. The ability to craft catchy and upbeat songs came about. First one song, then five, soon fifteen or so songs were penned. The logical conclusion was to get these on wax. Using another cousin (Producer, Steve Colletti) as a resource the boys entered Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio Studio on April 17, 2005. They walked out that same night having recorded all thirteen tracks of their self-titled debut.

Described as “ferocious, witty and raw,” the disc brings back elements of music that have been lacking on the current musical scene. Specifically, the fact that only the basic tools are used to create great sounding rock ‘n’ roll. What tools? A tight rhythm section compromising of a thick bottom end bass, which is both driving and melodic. Not to mention fierce drums that explodes and keeps everyone dancing along. Layer on top of this a rich guitar tone that churns along onto the brink of mayhem. Finish with compelling vocals that are charming and full of passion.

They use these key elements to pay homage and continue the efforts of their wide range of influences. These include the fiery garage rock of The Kinks and Dave Clark Five; Punk rock elements of The Ramones and The Clash; Classic country sound of Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn; Good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll of The Beatles, The Stones and Buddy Holly.

This is the Idiots.


2005: The Idiots - The Idiots

Set List

Got that woman
Lemonade Stand
Spanish Cobra
I Want You
5'5" - Brown Eyes
The Sleeper
On The Run
Fantasy Girl

Our set usually ranges from 45 minutes (Power set) to up to an hour and a half.
We have a range of covers including but not limited to: Cocaine Blues (Johnny Cash), SOS (ABBA), Its So Easy (Linda Rondstadt), How Many More Times (Led Zeppelin), Blitzkrieg Bop (The Ramones), Hotel Yorba (The White Stripes), Bits and Pieces (Dave Clark Five) to name a few.