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"Live Review from The Speakeasy in York with Laika Dog"

The Idol Dead open things up on this night of glam-tinged alt-rock madness and for us the Leeds-based four-piece are the most visually and sonically satisfying act of the evening and a great pick to open. Their addictive brand of strawberry flavoured rock madness left a tangy-sweet taste that shall remain with us. ‘She’s So Spooky’ is a strong standout that contains grinding guitars, hypnotic vocals and strong, uplifting beats. Imagine the glitter from David Ryder-Prangley’s crotch chucked in a blender with Scott Weiland’s mojo and King Adora’s attitude and you are only just scratching the surface. There’s huge potential here. - Sphere Magazine

"CD Review - The Idol Dead - Shooting Star EP"

The Idol Dead’s new ‘Shooting Star’ record is a disk full of glam-drenched dirty rock music that’ll caress your soul and then bash your face in. The tracks are slick and surprisingly well produced. For example, ‘Babylon’ mixes the brooding impact of Rachel Stamp with the defiant and ultra-heavy stomp of The Wildhearts. On this beast punky beats introduce gargantuan riffage and Polly Phluid’s distinctive Rotten-meets-Albarn vocal style. Meanwhile title tune ‘Shooting Star’ challenges Velvet Revolver with its stadium-filling addictive qualities. Indeed, the guitars take the lead here while the drums provide a backbone that’s stronger than that Wolverine’ know? The bloke off X-Men.
Our standout track on the record is ‘Eye Of The Storm’ and this bad boy showcases a different side to the band. In the opening minutes fittingly enough, there’s a slight Doors-esque twang. The grand nature of this track is emphasised by the soft female vocals that join – it’s a song that builds and builds and demonstrates our constant argument that this lot are one of the standout acts on the northern rock scene. At around two-minutes everything gets a little heavier and the band utilise their 90s influences (see The Chilli Peppers) to produce an emphatic and euphoric rock sound. ‘She’s So Spooky’ packs an almighty punch and hits hard from the off with dirty, sleazy riffs and jackhammer beats that eclipse the majesty of that Rachel Stamp lot. The great thing about The ID is that their music not only works, but their lyrics are clever and while this is perhaps not the most intellectually-sound example it works and is certainly going to impress new fans by pulling them in with gang vocals and entangling riffs for an almighty wet snog. Some people might say that this band are trying too hard to recall the glory days of 70s punk and the carefree bombast of 80s glam – we say, what the f**k is wrong with that? There’s a dark wit embedded within tracks like ‘Pretty, Pretty Fu**ed Up’ that will see the band through – they know they’ve got the talent and the potential to be rockstars but they also acknowledge the fun side of making music, which is lost on many bands nowadays. Nice.
There are many other great tunes in the Dead’s catalogue that you need to check out and their sound carries enough weight to see them escape the confines of Leeds next year and tour nationally. The anthemic and energetic nature of ‘I.D.O.L’ will no doubt evoke hundreds of people to chant their name and the classic rock rhythms that infect ‘The Church Of Hate’ will no doubt hook people in with its original ideas and spiteful take on religion – check the massive guitars about three-minutes in – nothing short of glorious.

It’s worth their effort and it’s worth your time – go get down with the Dead. - Sphere Magazine

"The Idol Dead - The Shooting Star EP"

The Shooting Star EP is a wonder for the ears. Opener 'Shooting Star' blows your socks off and the pulls them back on, with its punky guitar riffs and anthemic lyrics. The Idol Dead have taken punk, glammed it up a bit and come back with this glam-punk sound that works surprisingly well. Highlights of the EP are the short but attitude filled 'Pretty, Fucked Up' and 'Church of Hate' with its rock-fuelled guitar opening that's sure to hook people in. It's a pleasant surprise for a band to close an EP with a song as strong, if not stronger, than the one used to open. The Idol Dead aren't going to take any prisoners and aren't going to make any apologies for that.

(Receives 4 stars, alongside Bon Jovi - The Circle - which too receives 4 stars) - Black Velvet Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



They crawled from the wreckage, blinking and confused – it was the 21st Century and the world need a lift.

Fed up with shoe gazing, introspection and everyday rock stars, two men met in a shady bar in Leeds-POLLY PHLUID and TIM 'BERLAKE' JEFFS. Between them they hatched a plan to bring big, big riffs, ebola-catchy melodies and the glamour of confusion back to the live circuit...

Looking for partners in crime for this deconstruction of music, they searched the world for like-minded souls. They found their bass player in the skeletal underworld of Gaudi’s Barcelona, he’s name was MIGUEL LUQUE and he was ready to take up the challenge...

Next stop was New Zealand, where they found their drummer NISH GONSALKORALE hidden deep in the mysterious mountains, just waiting to unleashed.

Returning to Leeds, they found their rhythm rooting through bins for plectrums and old copies of Kerrang. Luring him in with pizza and the 'Appetite for Destruction' vinyl, they claimed KC DUGGAN as one of their own...

The circle was complete, the riffs were large and the melodies to-die-for –ladies and gentlemen I give you...THE IDOL DEAD.