The Illegal Wiretaps

The Illegal Wiretaps

 Katy, Texas, USA

If Husker Du could dance and have Henry Miller musings plus embrace the subtle neo-soul sounds of today coupled with the New Order sounds of yesterday, then The Illegal Wiretaps would emerge.


The Illegal Wiretaps began as a wish and a fervent prayer to blend wiry post-punk minimalism with 80's electronic ambience. Two musicians, Stephan Wyatt and Anthony June, have played together for nearly twenty years. Hard working is a massive understatement. Taking cues from their respective musical pasts, the duo is finally able to wed industrial/atmospheric rock with traditional songwriting and experimentalism. Indeed, they haven't given up on Front 242, Wire, and Xymox.They have nine releases in the last year alone. Their goal is to continue our prolific pursuit of sonic discoveries, tour moderately and within reason, and continue to release music in numbers that will boggle the mind. Both members are bi-polar, yet well-medicated. They are also public school teachers.

"In the end, the Illegal Wiretaps remain indefinable. Whether that is for better or worse is hard to say.

Certainly there are moments when it feels more like fucking around than honest experimentation. The last third of the album in particular seems to suffer from a lack of coherence, though songs like "The Weight of Damp Air" and "Sounds of Lust from Teen-age Springs" show their quality even if they don't exactly skip hand in hand.

"Damp Air" alone is proof that the Illegal Wiretaps are the masters of modern minimalism and the darkness between notes." Jef Withonef, Houston Press, April 27th, 2012



Written By: The Illegal Wiretaps/Stephan Wyatt

Open your autumn brown eyes
Discover your surprise--
My feelings exposed,
Every thought full disclosed.

Now that I've uncovered your disguise,
Words carefully crafted into lies,
Pages torn from an unfinished book,
An ugly lie with a fashionable look.

You promised me there would be no ending!
You promised me there would be no pretending!
You promised me that you would never leave!

You promised me that you would always care!
You promised me that you would always be there!
You promised not to practice to deceive!

We used to talk like friends
Conversations that would never end:
Two a.m. thoughts would disappear into the night,
Resurrected by the morning light.

We used to feel so safe together--
Broken pieces easy to mend.
Now that we are not together,
This frail bond can no longer bend.


"A Secret I Can't Decode" E.P. (June 7th, 2011)
"Of Atheists and Lovers" L.P. (September 13th, 2011)
"The Somnia Sessions, Vol. 1: The Disambien Remixes (February 2012)
"Wilder Shores of Love" L.P. (March 2012)
"The Somnia Sessions, Vol. 2: Indefatigable Moments" E.P. (April 2012)
"Factory" E.P. (April 2012)
"Am Unstable" L.P. (April 2012)
"Jesus, What Have You Done?" L.P. (May 2012)
"Psycho Nancy" L.P. (May 2012)
"Singles of the Week"--An ongoing series of singles released free of charge!

Set List

1. Ringed with Waves
2. Comfort Colored in Black
3. Walking Between Raindrops
4. Maryam
5. Promises
6. Like It's the End of the World
7. Pornographic Memory
8. Death by a Thousand Cuts
9. All-Too Human