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"Bill Hanson, Disc Jockey,"

"I haven't heard anything that sounds quite like it, which is
something I seldom say considering all the stuff I listen to"
- The Sunday News, WQXA, Elizabethtown, PA

"John Train, Live Reviewer"

"Central PA's incaration, the Illuminati, has managed to squeeze a vast array of influences into their music conspiracy. . . The band is a pure Marshall McLuhan where the music is the message and vice-versa. The sounds are rich, complicated, and delivered with an enthusiastic head of steam"
- PA Musician Magazine

"Mike Brennan, CD Reviews"

"This is a band that obviously takes time to craft their music. The songs are well written and recorded throughout . . . My guess is that (the Illuminati) are one of those few bands that are truly in it for the music."
- Origivation Magazine, Philadelphia

"Notorius LIZ, Owner"

"(The Illuminati) sound like nothing and everything I've ever heard . . . Nice work!" - Liz Koch Publications


EP "Because" released June 2003
Full-Length "Love and War" available now!
MP3 samples available at and



Looking for something different musically? Pennsylvania’s indie/alternative rock act, the Illuminati, is pushing the envelope of modern music with their unique collage of sonic intensity. The genres change from song to song , but elements of psychedelia, punk, funk, blues, reggae, grunge, jam, R&B, metal, jazz, and even country can all be found. The lyrics and moods run the gamut from fun and light-hearted to dark, political, and loud. Frontman, Stephen Musti states that the band’s primary ambition is to "genuinely transcend the boundaries of modern music classification . . . Our influences are extremely diverse and we take great pride in the fact that our music reflects that."

Guitarist/keyboardist, Aaron Hoke, agrees. "Very few people will like everything we do, but most will like some. We are undoubtedly an acquired taste.”

Although primarily an original act, the Illuminati does cover other people’s music in live situations. Songs by artists as diverse as Alicia Keys, the Cure, David Allen Coe, and Jimi Hendrix have all received the signature llluminati treatment. The tunes chosen are ones that most audiences are familiar with, but the numbers are usually rearranged and given new words and meanings.

The Illuminati launched in 2003 with the five-song EP, "Because." The leadoff track "Final Fight," a catchy mix of rock and ska, has garnered multiple spins on indie radio shows up and down the east coast (including WXPN, Philadelphia and WGRX, Baltimore) and the EP has been heralded by critics from publications such as Rockpile Magazine, the East Coast Rocker, and Origivation Magazine. Their debut full-length album, "Love and War," was just released in spring 2006. Both recordings were engineered and co-produced with great care and expertise by Michael Watert, of Serious Sound Studios of York, PA. On display are the band’s technical and production talents as well as their ability to move seamlessly from one musical style to another, while always maintaining their immediately recognizable sound.

The Illuminati is not trying to modernize 70s punk, resurrect 80s new wave, or reconstitute any other genres. They are looking to start something new and they need progressive, open-minded people who understand that the American (and global) populace want the same. Their recorded material has received international acclaim and air play and their live performances have garnered regional attention. Love them or leave them, few bands can legitimately profess either the expansive repertoire or the distinctive vision that the Illuminati inherently possesses.