The Illuminati

The Illuminati

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The Illuminati plays LIVE drum 'n' bass and jungle. You'll find no samplers or sequencers here, it's all crafted with real insturments in real time by this amazing trio of raw talent. Prepare yourself, the Illuminati guarantees a complete and utter sensory overload.


The Illuminati is a trio of musicians based in Greensboro, NC that perform drum 'n' bass and jungle enfused live music. Inspired by the concept of "reverse engineering" spawned from the forward thinking musicians of New York City, an Illuminati performance borrows from the sounds, textures and entergy of DJ culture creating a unique and awesome live experience.
The group's first two club dates grabbed the attention of UNCG radio station 103.1 WUAG who immediately put them on air for the two hour interview and performance session "WUAG presents." This concert led them to secure a slot on the bill for the stations largest annual event Style and Stereo, a hybrid music and fashion show with over 600 in attendance. Along with support from WUAG the Illuminati stands strong within the local electronic music scene headed up by Greenboro's runnin' crew and local DJ collective Unity DJ. With the independent music scene of greensboro standing strong behind them, the Illuminati stands poised and ready to command and conquer audiences everywhere.


A live ep is in the works, check out some choice cuts from this at our myspace page....

Set List

Our set is unique in that is more live a live DJ mix than a song by song set list. The music seamlessly blends from one idea to the next. 75% is improvised on the spot to create a unique live experience every time. We typically play 45 min sets.