The Illustrated

The Illustrated


The Illustrated is a three piece band, but it began as a sort of jazz-influenced improvisational avant-punk two piece.


Bryan Beardsley and Matt Murphy have been in numerous bands together, some of whom toured, some of whom put out records on Forever Escaping Boredom Records (Kit!, Dirty South Apocalypse). The Illustrated has recorded approximately three hours worth of studio material, and have assembled the best tracks onto a debut album called Alphabaggage, which is also a sort of soundtrack to film pieces and fiction created by Matt. The Illustrated toured the Northeast Coast in 2004 with Asthma Atttaq (Forever Escaping Boredom Records). Bryan, Matt, and Andrew Sink are all members of the Minge Collective. They all live together and collaborate on art projects. Bryan Beardsley is finishing a solo album, which will be released this summer by Throw The Dynamite Records. Andrew is currently working on a 100 song album with Chris Caswell, which members of the Minge collective lend tracks to.



Set List

01. Alphaintro
02. Black Mt. Soil
03. Car Chase
04. Racecar
05. Crush
06. The Zahir
07. A Torch is Lit
08. Alphaone
09. Monsters Awake!
10. Sean Mower
11. Godbless You Gatorade
12. Pray For Food
13. Scrambled Sheets
14. Scrambled Legs
15. Just Last Night
16. Mud, Inc.
17. Don't Be Afraid
18. Let The Babies Cry