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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Review Of The Imagine"

Title: Perfection Is A Myth

Good chops and crisp arrangement. Very good use of imagery to create a breakup story. Everything fits in this track. Musically, the song matches the lyrical content. Lyrically, the story is consistent from the beginning to end. I really like the acoustic interlude and the vocals take off from that point and soar into a territory that both surprises and adds mystery to the band. The tension and expectancy built up by the slowly expanding musical arrangement could be cut with a knife.

Title: A Lesson Before Dying

The dual vocals are perfect for this song. In our face matched with a choir voice. The angel on the left shoulder working in perfect unison with the devil on the right. The arrangement is good. I did feel that there was a slight hesitancy between the rhythm section and the leads in parts.

Title: Swimming With Sharks

The left/right guitar assault is all your own, guys. Nice work! Very well places and used to good effect in the song. The following musical powerhouse should come with a warning label. The stuttering lead running over the rhythm matched with those dual vocals is nicely put together.

Overall Comments:
You guys have a natural ability for song structure and the use, if any , of influences is immediately overshadowed by your own musical accomplishments. The dual vocals, which at times act in conjunction with one another, are matched very well. In a world of the imitators you guys are definitely innovators.


Perfection Is A Myth - Released July 26, 2005
1. Swimming With Sharks
2. Something's Rotten In The State Of Denmark
3. Perfection Is A Myth
4. A Lesson Before Dying
5. Life Moves Pretty Fast, If You Don't Stop To Look Around Once In A While, You Could Miss It.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Imagine was formed in March 2005. After quickly writing five songs, the boys jumped into the studio and recorded "Perfection Is A Myth", which was released in July 26, 2005. Since then, they have toured and performed live non-stop with bands such as The Sleeping, Shai Hulud, Converge, The Receiving End Of Sirens, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and many many more. With all new material, The Imagine will enter the studio in May 2006 to drop their first full length!

Bands We Have Played With:
The Sleeping (Victory Records)
Kitty Little (Art Of The Underground Records)
Folly (Triple Crown Records)
Invocation Of Nehek (Prosthetic Records)
I Am The End (Noise Bleed Records)
My Bitter End (Uprising Records)
Fight Paris (Trustkill Records)
Buried Inside (Relapse Records)
The Concubine (Corrosive Records)
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza (Corrosive Records)
The Classic Struggle (Metal Blade Records)
Anyone But You (Tragic Records)
Across Five Aprils (Indianola Records)
Calico System (Eulogy Recordings)
The Burning Season (Hand Of Hope Records)
GODS (Hand Of Hope Records)
The Receiving End Of Sirens (Triple Crown Records)
Scary Kids Scaring Kids (Immortal Records)
Albert React (Counterintelligence Records)
Two Thirds Of The Stars (Stella Vista Records)
Flashlight Arcade (On The Rise Records)
Into The Moat (Metal Blade Records)
Thumbscrew (Counterintelligence Recordings)
From A Second Story Window (Black Market Activities)
Casket Architects (Glacial Records)
Anitlove (Audio Deprived Records)
The Auburn System (Five Point Records)
The Nicaea Room (Hold True Recordings)
Waking Judea (Paper Street Records)
What Once Was (Endera Records)
Converge (Epitaph Records)
Shai Hulud (Revelation Records)
Darkest Hour (Victory Records)
The Red Chord (Metal Blade Records)
Boysetsfire (Equal Vision Records)
100 Demons (Goodlife Records)
Walls Of Jericho (Trustkill Records)
Municipal Waste (Earache Records)
Nora (Trustkill Records)
Robots And Empire (Glacial Records)
Nerve Gas Tragedy (Spook City Records)
Thenumber12lookslikeyou (Eyeball Records)
Modern Life Is War (Deathwish Records)
With Honor (Victory Records)
The Banner (Ferret Records)
The Distance (Bridge Nine Records)
Subzero (Stillborn Records)
Zombie Apocolyspe (Indecision Records)
The Blackout Pact (Astro Magnetics Records)
Mabus (Glacial Records)
Time Of Cholera (Dance Face Records)
Ligeia (Ferret Records)
The Divining (Dressed To Kill Records)
Cannae (Prosthetic Records)