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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom | INDIE

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Rock Latin


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"The Imagineers @ O2 Abc, Glasgow"

I first saw The Imagineers playing a very good set as a support act back in October, so I was delighted to be invited along to this show. And the band didn’t disappoint, showing that they have the quality to entertain as a headline act.

It was an all-Glasgow bill, opened ably by The Clyde. They have a decent two guitar indie sound, and plenty of energy to their performance. Young and a little raw around the edges perhaps, but they have promise.

Strawberry Ocean Sea played next. They have more of a rock feel; keyboards added to twin guitars to give a rich and textured sound. With a driving beat, anthemic choruses and some very nice lead guitar work, they are a powerful band and were well received by a growing crowd.

By the time The Imagineers came on the room was almost full, and there was a great atmosphere building. It seemed that the band’s mostly youthful following had come to party. And they knew every word to every track, singing along and dancing exuberantly.

The Imagineers played for just over an hour and it was quality entertainment all the way. This is not just another indie band; there is an intricacy to their rhythms and harmonies, and a subtle Latin vibe that underpins some fine songs. Mix in big choruses and catchy lyrics and it all adds up to a winning formula.

The set opened with Hour of Need, and the band were into their stride from the off. Steven Young is an effective front man, acoustic guitar held high, on lead vocals. Lee Ballard on lead guitar adds the flair, while a strong and consistent beat is ably provided by Alastair Greig on bass and Stephen Forbes behind the drums.

The band was joined by Miranda Whitworth, playing an interesting looking red, S shaped violin, on several tracks. This added another layer to an already sophisticated sound, especially on the haunting Cavalry.

Highlights of the set were the two songs that made up The Imagineers first single release earlier in the year. Fairground is lively and just made for a sing-along, while Mariana is a catchy track that moves as a fair pace, and has a chorus that gets stuck in your head – but in a good way.

This was an excellent set from a young band that has already developed a distinct identity for itself. They are confident stage performers and have a number of fine songs in their repertoire.

2010 has been a very good year for The Imagineers. I expect 2011 to be even better.

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"The Imagineers"

McChuills, Glasgow, August 7 ****

THE Imagineers started off their home gig with the curiously named The Legend Of John The Terror (Notorious).

A hauntingA Haunting is a television series on Discovery Channel that, according to its website[1] chronicles the "terrifying true stories of the paranormal told by people who experienced real-life horror tales.
..... Click the link for more information. guitar rhythm exposed a much darker side to their otherwise upbeat material, capturing the crowd's attention.

As they introduced Shadow Of Love, it was clear they have something for everyone.

The four-piece indie outfit seamlessly slinked into pop-tinged beats, offering songs with catchy choruses, cool harmonies and jangly adj. 1. like the discordant ringing of nonmusical metallic objects striking together; sounding with a jangle ; as, a custodian with a jangly set of keys s>.

Adj. 1. guitar rhythms.

The song that stood out is Mariana. With its catchy, upbeat, Latin-inspired acoustic sound and danceable undertones, it will appeal to the same fans that catapulted Paolo Nutini to fame.

The band are set to release Mariana as their first single next month.

EMMA SMITH - The Daily Record

"Three Cheers For The Imagineers"

fter playing together for just over a year, Glasgow band The Imagineers have achieved a lot. A gig in the Edinburgh Fringe followed by the launch of their debut single caps off a lot of hard work.

Alastair Greig, bassist, said: “We have been putting all our energy into our single launch and organising a tour to support the single.

“We’ve been together as band just over a year, but only really gigging for the last six months.”

The Imagineers spent months writing and practising together and playing small venues in what they describe as “chaotic nights in Scotland’s seediest lounges.”

“We had to get good first so we spend six months as a bar band to learn the ropes,” said Alastair.

“Like all things it is all about practice and persistence.”

The four-piece band got off to a lucky start when Alastair met lead singer Steven Young the very moment he was putting up his advert for a bassist.

“I met Stevie putting an ad up in shop looking for a bass player and I had my bass on me,” recalls Alastair.

“We just started talking and we had the same sort of ideas. We went to play straight away and hit it off.”

A combination of similar and varied interests and influences brought the members of the band together and honed their sound; a mix of sixties and seventies pop with a distinctive west of Scotland twang.

Alastair said: “We all have really different influences.

“Me and Stevie are both into Spanish rhythms, and our guitarist (Lee Ballard) is into surf and bluegrass, and when you put that together you get a kind of hybrid feel. Plus I like a lot of retro music, which I think shows.”

The retro feel is apparent in their upcoming double A-side single Fairground/Mariana.

Both songs combine catchy lyrics with tight rhythms and harmonies and showcase the band’s techincal abilities.

“I used to jam with local musicians and played in a blues band for brief spell,” says Alastair.

“Our drummer (Stephen Forbes) was in a soul band, I think some of that comes through in his playing.

“It is important to have a good rhythm section.”

Hailing from East Kilbride and Larkhall, The Imagineers brought their music to Glasgow earlier this year before getting picked up by local independent label Sunstone Records.

Alastair said: “Glasgow’s a great place to start out because it’s so diverse, with all its musical sub-cultures.

“It’s good for all sorts of music. People who like pop and people who like metal all have bands to go and see. It’s so diverse.”

The Imagineers have played several gigs with label colleagues and fellow Glasgow band, Figure 5, including supporting them at their album launch last month.

The band are now gearing up for a launch of their own next month at La Cheetah in Glasgow, plus a few other gigs, including playing the Festival Fringe at Edinburgh’s Banshee Labyrinth.

Alastair said: “We are all excited about a gig at the Fringe. Hopefully we can generate a bit of interest with all the cigar smokers – you know, the people at the top.”

Their single launch on September 3 will be followed by a short tour playing Stirling, Falkirk, Cumbernauld and Liverpool’s Zanzibar club.

“Quite a lot of good bands have played the Zanzibar, so we are pretty excited. We are taking a coach down with another Glasgow band, The Rudiments, so it should be a great night.”

The Imagineers will then return to Glasgow for a gigs at Nice N’ Sleazy’s and King Tut’s in October 2010
- The Evening Times


'Mariana/Fairground' double A-side single.
Released: 03/09/2010.
Physical Distribution: Sunstone UK.
Digital Distribution: ITunes.

Radio Airplay:
BBC Radio 1 Introducing with Ally McCrae: January 2011
Radio Magnetic with Jim Gellatly: January 2011



The Imagineers: Biography

Glasgow based 4-piece The Imagineers have enjoyed a very successful year since their debut gig in the spring of 2010.
The bands energetic Live shows combined with their well crafted melodies have earned them favourable reviews from national papers ‘The Daily Record’ and ‘Evening Times’ as well as mainstream radio play in Scotland and the U.S on BBC Radio 1’s Introducing with Ally McCrae and on Clyde 1 with new music DJ Jim Gellatly.

The Imagineers are known for playing to suit the atmosphere of a venue by occasionally performing stripped back acoustic sets with additional violin accompaniment from their friend Miranda Whitmarsh, 17.
The band first met Miranda by chance during the summer of 2010 as she busked outside Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens with her violin to make some extra money on a Saturday afternoon.

The bands first release, a double A-side single, featuring signature songs ‘Mariana’ and ‘Fairground’ was released on September 3rd through Independent label ‘Sunstone Records’ and digitally via ITunes.

2011 has already been busy year for The Imagineers as they began recording their debut EP in Glasgow’s renowned CaVa studios in early January with producer Brian O’Neil.
Fan favourite ‘Spanish Sands’, which appears on the EP, has been selected as their debut promotional video for the EP with the filming taking place at Ayr beach with a BBC production team.

2011 has also seen the band choose to live together in Glasgow’s Southside in order for them to focus on their song writing partnership and to increase their creative output as a whole.

The EP will be released on April the 1st 2011 in a special live home show to mark the start of the bands UK wide Spring Tour, with festival season beginning for them shortly after the tour comes to a close.
''The song that stood out is Mariana; it will appeal to the same fans that catapulted Paolo Nutini to fame''
-The Daily Record

“Honest and authentic and gave me a sonic sense of some Scottish heritage” Raul Gonzalez, The Red Door, New York City.

''Catchy melodies, tight rhythms, and harmonies with a distinctive west of Scotland twang'''
-The Evening Times