The Immaculate Shark

The Immaculate Shark


With members hailing from New Jersey, Virginia & Florida, The Immaculate Shark are a culmination of many factors that create their unique style and purpose. Lush instrumentation coupled with sullenly crafted lyrical compositions & melodies, adhere anyone listening to sentiment.


The Immaculate Shark are a group of friends married to the idea of making music together. We began in 2002 as a band called Vostok which lead to a full-length album recorded in 2004 entitled "This Scavenger Low". A supportive tour ensued and after our return home we forgot to keep it going. We were busy with other music and things, and some of us moved to other cities. Close friends are still very much that and recently we've decided to continue with what we started but looking at it in a whole new light. This time we won't forget. The Immaculate Shark will debut themselves October 12th, 2007 at The Backbooth in Orlando, Florida which will be followed by a mini tour including friends Nakatomi Plaza.

There are more songs, records, tours and friends in our future. We are expanding on what we started with and can't wait to show it to you!


Vostok - Christmas Is On Fire

Written By: Clair Morgan

What am I doing in this house if we only have until 2012? My early thirties must see the finest of me before they put me up on the shelf. Tonight I was told the end will present itself soon and find your timing perfectly inopportune. If it’s too late for me, oh misery, I'll have to forget about the family name as well. The mole-like antics fail when there's no one to sell, when there's no one to hear "The state of our union is sound". We maneuver tragedy, the kickback warnings were run to the ground. The embers sail forth. The new traffic will burn in your eye, serving you right, your iris has lied. All you ever wanted was to fill your father's shoes, but we rarely live up to the names that precede us. Don't lead the lemmings to water, the cold numerical. When the numbers add up, you will rue the way you won. No, no, no!" In our grief and anger we have found our mission and our moment." This gilded age will leave us lifeless and we salute our great president. The glow emanates with everything, everything's sinking in. "Look at me, look at me, look... I won!"

Vostok - What You Find Lying On The Sidewalk

Written By: Clair Morgan

After weeks gone by of asking not to leave, he left her on strings, threw his clothes in the car and forgot the sweet nothings. The messages left on that machine tell him he's useless, irresponsible and needs to think about things. So don’t make this easy on, don’t make this easy on me. So after this mock Christmas gathering I am survived by a girl and her long nights without. Caught in a snare, but I don’t want to leave you alone. The carnivores are moving in before your body gets cold. It's the strong ones that dominate the pack; the weak are just that, and we're staring in awe as they batter and maul something that was never truly theirs, and they’ll eat you up. So I am the shamefaced, confused, brokenhearted, obtuse; while you ask them to not let me see. You don’t make this easy on, you don’t make this easy on me.

Vostok - Cardboard Cutouts

Written By: Clair Morgan

I have a collection. I'm attracting things that stick to me. They're everywhere and forced on you like vegetables, but they have no nutritional value. I see them waiting for me in closets, they're taped to the walls, it’s part of a team that sends me backwards into my quiet where I can pretend I don’t believe in them. This March 3rd marks the day, and your father gives you away. Painted in eyes and fabricated smiles. I can’t trust anyone who won’t go an extra mile. Prove yourself to me because I’m waiting. The snowball keeps growing. And the rowers keep rowing. Your true intentions are showing me that true friends still remain to be seen, but I love thy neighbors with ominous scandals. But I don’t love you anymore. Here’s a postcard for who’s keeping score. I didn’t mean the things I said before. I just faked it and you got what you wanted too. So who was using who? And here you thought it wasn’t the end. Careful, they'll cut and rip and tear you to pieces.


The Immaculate Shark is in the process of recording an EP.

Here is a list of Vostok's music-related accomplishments:


This Scavenger Low CD
Release Date: July 8, 2004
Recorded by Ira Sterling @ 17-0 Studios in Orlando, FL
Produced by Ira Sterling & Vostok
Mixed by Ira Sterling & Vostok
Mastered by Doug Van Sloun @ Studio B in Omaha, NE
Artwork by Ida Pearle (
Design Layout by Juicy Temples Creative (

*Sold through Itunes, CDBaby, SmartPunk, our website, and select retail stores throughout the country.


This Is My Music: Orlando Sentinel Calendar Compilation
"These Invisible Cities"


XM Satellite Radio - XMU The Radar Report
"Cardboard Cutouts"

WPRK Rollins College - Winter Park, FL
"Christmas Is On Fire"
"What You Find Lying On The Sidewalk"
"The Fall Of The Roman Empire"
"Bad Dreams Make Wake Up Calls"

96X The Late Late Rock Show - Hamptons Roads, VA
"Christmas Is On Fire"
"What You Find Lying On The Sidewalk"

Set List

The Immaculate Shark usually performs one 30-45 minute set of original material.

Don't Be Right
Christmas Is On Fire
Olympic Village
Cardboard Cutouts
Lake and Driller

What You Find Lying On The Sidewalk
Our Preparataion For The Race Legare