The Impossible Shoelace

The Impossible Shoelace

 Gainesville, Florida, USA

Rock. .. Walzty-blusey Lullaby Swamp rock.


What are your influences?
Beatles, Joanna Newsom, Sesame Street, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa


Creatures Crawlin'

Written By: Mike Dorsey VI

Down beneath the leaves
You can see the creatures crawlin'
Beneath the tree that hangs my swing
I sit and sing of branches fallin'

Down to where we fell
Inside the well that has no bottom
Beneath the bark there's room inside
Where you can hide for most of Autumn

Down to where the sun can not be found
Down to where my flesh will turn to ground
Down down, down down down down down

Down beneath your shoes
That step on clues to life's beginning
And though you loose your sense of time
You just may find that you're still winning

Down beneath above
Resides the love for this old planet
Beneath the bugs and cotton socks
There lie the rocks that turn to granite

Under the Ground

Written By: Mike Dorsey

If you ever see me lyin' down there in the basement,
Under you
Donchya go and try to pick me up; I'll only try to get back down.
You think it's over, but it's only under the ground

If you ever see me in the middle of a circus,
Tryin' to hide
Lookin' down from up with your old balance-beam umbrella in your hand
When you fall from the tightrope, we'll be together in the sand.

I'm dying to meet the time of day that I may go by but
Time is standing still
Donchya go and go alone, my love I'm coming with you to the cold.
This is so new like the Appalachians are old
This is so new to me like the Appalachian mountains are so old.


Crabapple Stew
Moths on Leaves

Set List

Chew You
How Could I Stay?
Plastic Flowers
Moths on Leaves
Trumpet Sound