The Improphets

The Improphets


Our sound is the epitome of improv. All tracks, grooves, licks and diddy's have come through jam, including our recordings. It is truly a unique experience each time we come together.


The story of The Improphets travels down a strange road. Original members Mitch Orsatti, Matt Grady, Steve Aitchison, and Dave Tamas were in a prior band, setting the stage for the eventual core of The Improphets. We played a list of shows, some wildly successful, and others, well, let's just say that band members out-numbering the audience wasn't unheard of. At the end of that last unfortunate show, the band was dis-heartened and decided that time apart was best. After about a 6 to 8 month hiatus, a jam date on Thursdays opened up. Located in the basement of guitarist Dave Tamas on that October day, The Improphets were born. With membership being based on who showed up, our numbers grew. The original four were there with the addition of long time friend Mark Wheler starting on percussion, Ashton Pereria on guitar, and Kurtis Marcoux also on guitar. The jams continued to roll along, and each we recorded on a little tape deck that we are now compiling into a cd tentativley called Musings of the Tape Deck. This CD which already has it's groundwork layed out in tracks is very experimental and wildly out-there. Keep your eyes peeled and ears wide for the release. Thanks for reading.


Musings of the Tape Deck

Set List

We don't know until we start playing. No covers though, just originals.