The Inbetweens

The Inbetweens


In the spirit of improvisation, The Inbetweens collectively weave melodies and vamps into intricate spiderwebs of rhthym. They eachother like predators seeking the same prey, forcing the standard guitar trio format to walk the plank.


The Inbetweens emerged in the summer of 2002, from the roots of improvisation, curiosity and like minds. Before they were the Tweens, they each lived in Boston, where they each spent time gigging and studying at the New England Conservatory of Music with gurus such as Bob Moses, George Garzone, John Lockwood, and John Abercrombie. In the fall of 02' the boys migrated to Brooklyn, where they each spent an entire year eating, sleeping, and rehearsing in a cozy lil' 3-bedroom apartment, appropriately lodged "inbetween" Brooklyn's own Prospect Park and Greenwood Cemetery. Since then Guitarist
Mike Gamble, bassist Noah Jarrett, and drummer Conor Elmes have been performing bi-monthly as a trio in the NYC area and have put out three self-released albums.
You can also hear the trio backing up the Brooklyn
Qawwali Party, among many other NYC-based groups. Some listeners consider them a power trio, but their energetic musical conversations draw in people from all backgrounds: popular to improvised. The Inbetweens are not afraid to enter uncharted territories. They trust each other and take risks for the sake of the music.


The Inbetweens 2002
Shaftway 2003
A Long Time Gone 2004
Live In Brooklyn 2007

Set List

Originals plus free-form improvised interludes