The Increase

The Increase


The band play's for the one and only Jesus Christ. He gave us talent to have our own unique sound.


We as a band would like to thank The Lord "Jesus Christ" for all the things that he has brought into our life and all the things to come. We would also like to thank our family for given us the chance to play and stand behind our music. We are located all over the place from St.Paris oh to Urbana to New Carlisle.. "Music is awesome when given the chance to spread the gospel of the book to so many people who need to hear it and listen to it. This band will do just that."


Stand has had radio airplay on 88.9 FM
And also Comeback has had radio airplay in Florida.

Set List

10 to 12 songs, but we have a outstanding number of songs in our arsenal.We can have a set from 25 minutes to 2 hours. We play all orginals but do know some covers- Smells like teen spirit, Zombie, cracker low and more.