The Incurables

The Incurables


This is Saint Louis' "Super Group". The band, led by Jimmy Griffin is composed of the best of the best from the touring bands of Missouri. Playing music that Sun Volt, Wilco, and the Bottlerockets wish they could compose. This band brings it and leaves the crowd begging for more. Listen and see...


I suppose you could curse Nirvana and the whole grunge scene. I know that band leader Jimmy Griffin would like to. Just as his first major label release with his band King of the Hill dropped so did the floor of the glam metal scene, bamboozled by the grungy Seattle girl boys. But what may have seemed like a curse, was in fact a victory for music fans everywhere.

With the leather, lipstick and eyeliner coming off, so did the unassuming guitar player who would shred from the corner of the stage. Out of nowhere, a band leader was born. Not a metal mangler, but a heartfelt, sensitive songwriter that wore his travels and pain right on his sleeve. Putting together an allstar band and croning for the audiences of Missouri, this sextet is ready to deliver this all intrusive, energy packed show to the rest of the country.

Let's just hope somebody else doesn't do the same...


Songs for a Blackout - 2007

Set List

Normal set time about 45 minutes to 1 hour. (but can play all night if need be)

Usual set includes:

Heart Grenade
Hotel Nowhere
Like a Star
Anytime Soon
Contrition Blues
Our Favorite Place
Sweet Jane
Marquee Moon
The Last day of the rest of your life
Lucky 7's
Rather be Lonely than Sorry

Encores would include a cover that is off the beaten path and trail mixed...