The Incureables
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The Incureables

Buffalo, New York, United States

Buffalo, New York, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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Album-"No Sky"
Singles "Collide", "No Sky"



The Incureables are set on a mission with meaning. Musical in its root, the consciousness of the four is dead set on transferring their soaring energy to a set of souls looking for commonplace in their dissatisfaction with life, love, the apathy of society. To find a kindred crowd and with hope, change it.
Beginning as early as grammer school, lead singer, songwriter Michael had what he describes as a "symphony" playing through his mind throughout most days, most hours. Not thinking much of it as a kid, who knows, everybody has a constant soundtrack playing right? As the years rolled along he became completely focused on his father's impressive record collection. The Revolution. The latter 60's. When you are helplessly born a creative musician, and you get you hands on this set of freedom, there comes a certainty in the future like the sureness of our mutability. The music spoke. It spoke like it was made just for Mike. Kids have this sort of self centered attitude, a naivety that looks like innocence, you can actually convince yourself a great piece of art or a universe is made for your eyes to see, ears to hear. He was chosen to hear this. Of course, time grows you.
The guitar, the Aeolian harp. Inspiration needs a vehicle and that vehicle needs to be driven. John Zeis (Mike's father of "the philosophers, the Shadows") showed his four sons the spirit between man and music and how to display that unique spirit through instrumentation. Every one of the brothers had this gravitation towards playing and it wasn't long until they branched out and found their own voice in song. Michael began as a bassist in the band Last Conservative, a rock band from 96-05. TJ Zindle was the front man who approached Mike to join on as a bass player. TJ was the only kid in high school who was actually professionally playing in clubs around the city, even though Mike's main interest was the guitar, he couldn't refuse. Last Conservative was quickly signed to Good Carmel records, a label created by Robbie Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls. The label gave Mike and TJ the opportunity to tour extensively throughout the country opening for bands such as The Goo Goo Dolls, Bon Jovi, Sugar Ray, OUr Lady Peace, Rusted Root, Gin Blossoms, Boys Like Girls, and many more. They recorded two albums for the label, "On To The Next One" and "Pretty New Things". This experience gave Mike the insight to become a songsmith and musician to rival even TJ, one of his main influences, the very man he was backing up as a bassist.
The itch grew, the music kept coming. In modesty, in practical secrecy, Mike was writing, recording, producing song after song in his personnel studio without truly accepting the fact that he must focus ALL his energy on HIS music and part ways with his long time companion in music. In 2005, Mike and his cousin Rob Hickey(drums) started The Incureables.
Mike and Rob began furiously composing piece after piece until their collection grew to an impressive size. In the meantime, TJ's band Last Conservative has fizzled out after MIke's departure. TJ was back in Buffalo and Mike knew it. After years of no communication, Mike invited TJ to come to his studio and listen to his work. TJ was floored. "When did you write all this"? TJ signed up that day as lead guitarist. The tables had turned. TJ was now backing MIKE up. THe next year Mike and TJ produced what was to become The Incureables first full length album, No Sky. The music feels and sounds somewhere between those old 60's records (the beatles, Zeppelin) to the next revolution, the grunge era of the 90's. Throughout the record, you can find A/C soft alternative ballads as in "collide" to the other end of the spectrum of the deep heaviness of "Corridor". We like to vary it up, have a dynamic set list to match our release "No Sky". The band has just begun to promote this set of songs and has recieved countless rave reviews from fans and industry pros alike. There is something for everyone in this collection. The band has had young teensters to upper middle-aged folks come to shows and find something to hold on to. The connections have been growing for the Incureables, musically, emotionally, reality. Their mission of reaching the people to bring out that common feeling of hope and letting their music as art be the badge is being met, and the following is growing, fast.