The Indefinite Article

The Indefinite Article

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Five piece live hip-hop band. Like nothing you have ever heard before. Like something you can't help but wish that you had heard earlier. The thinking man is faced with two basic choices: to sell out or opt out. Liberation lies well within the grasp of those that desire it. Let us be your vessel.


The Indefinite Article

Abe Father Abraham Kinkopf (MC), Evan Anderson (guitar), Rick Ricky Rhythms Umlah (keys), Brandon Haas (drums) and Matt Lavigne (bass) together make up the rockin' rhythm throwers known as The Indefinite Article. Tossing out massive rhythms, heady guitar grooves, acrobatic hip-hop and total funked-outness, this band has energy that moves at the speed of light. In other words, the effect will hit you instantly. An incredibly pumped up group, The Indefinite Article is one of the best purveyors of the hard-to-do-right genre mix-up of hip-hop and rock. Forget the rest, this is the real deal.

Long Description

Sad to say but there may be no concise way to verbally sum up the power that is The Indefinite Article. Weekly Dig called the band hyper-intellectual hip-hop with rock-and-roll doctorates, and that's very much an accurate description. You've got the lyrical impact delivered with nimble lips and tongue, funk-infused guitar work that pulses out delicious grooving, percussive rhythms to put the sexy into dancing and intelligence behind the sound to step it up way beyond the ordinary.

Unique Take

When asked how music makes the band members feel, one replied This is a tough question. We're all committed to being career musicians, so I guess you could say it makes us feel normal. But the band is anything but normal. This isn't some run of the mill garage band turning out blasé hip-hop that tries to be cool with the grafting on of some random, mundane rock wanking. Oh, no, not at all. This band has got it down tight! The answer to the question shows just how immersed in music these guys are which tells you right off why they're so good.


As super as this band may be in the studio, there's nothing like the real, live thing. We enjoy performing and have a terrific stage presence and vibe that really gets people interested in us. This may sound self-confident ... but so what? IF it's true, it's true, and, brother, it's most definitely true. Confidence is another factor required for anything hip-hop related to work properly, and these guys have confidence. But it never crosses over into self-parody or arrogance. And, besides, with such a vibrant stage personality and incredible songwriting chops, the rest is just ephemera.

Music for Music Lovers

We strive to make music for people who appreciate music. Nothing dumbed down, nothing cheap or gimmicky. We're very serious about the quality of the music that we put out, even if we're ultimately writing a party song. Again, we're obviously not dealing with some dudes who just want to sound cool and show off. Thoughtfulness and a striving for quality amp up the music of The Indefinite Article. Definitely.

Something Not Out There

Despite roots in traditional musical styles, the members of The Indefinite Article are trying to present something new and different. Correction. They ARE presenting something new and different. By seamlessly cobbling together old parts, a shiny new creation has emerged. Although all members have a basic grounding in hip-hop and rock, what motivates us is the type of music that's not out there. We think it's possible to make a pop song that's intelligent and thoughtful. We also think it's possible to take a song that wouldn't normally be considered a pop hit and make it work. Big goal, but goal achieved beyond a shadow of a doubt. A huge factor in the band's success is the disparate musical backgrounds of the various members. But it all comes together.

Top Floor

A lot of bands want to move up, but only a few get to the penthouse. Please hand the key to The Indefinite Article and send the bags up. A group that finishes second out of more than 350 bands in Boston's Emerganza Festival obviously has a lot going for it. With touring forthcoming and recording on the way, your chance to get OD'd on this band is right around the corner. Assisting with pushing the buttons on the elevator of success is A&R Select, the top independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


With its delicately balanced but full-tilt expressway driving (in the musical sense, of course) and deft fusion of musical styles, The Indefinite Article has done the near-impossible it has created new and interesting music. - A&R Select


The Grand Applause, 2006, self released. Streaming mp3s available at

Set List

A typical Indef-Art set can range from 45 minutes - 3 hours (depending on the show), of high energy live hip-hop that ranges from danceable pop-style tunes to adrenaline-pumping stacatto rap songs.

Original Songs:

Gut Feeling
Lives of Bliss
Robin Hood Democracy
Out of Control
I Am
Break the Monotone
Boston MCs
You Might Wanna
Suicide Waltz
Reflexive Identity Theft
We're All Thugs
Man Down
Blues For Jack
Going To
Imitation Selves
Mr. Motherfucking DJ
Die Before Me


Tricky - Run DMC
Give it Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Unbelievable - EMF
Bombtrack - Rage Against The Machine
So Fresh, So Clean - Outkast
Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan