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"Amazing Radio Playlist"

The Indices song 'Sing Her To Sleep' was the top voted song from the Audition show on Amazing Radio and received more airplay on the radio station's permanent playlist. - Amazing Radio

"The Indices Review"

The Indices are four lads from Dorchester who make rock music in the mould of the Black Keys, early Oasis and some of Elliott Smith's louder moments. Making satisfying use of heavy, jagged guitars, agile drums and a singer who sounds cocky in all the right ways, their muscular tunes are perfect for those who like their guitar music to sound like it's recently emerged from the gutter and can't be bothered to have a shower.

Of the four tracks on their debut EP “In the Clutches of Minds”, “Spite You” recalls a grungier Muse with a bone to pick with just about everyone, while “Only At The Weekend” is a propulsive roller, which should strike a chord with any high-spirited, types who live for their Friday and Saturday nights. Things are dialled down a little for the emotional six-minute “Mystery Love”, which is an unexpected change of pace which might not be to everyone's tastes, before “Sing Her To Sleep”'s chunky riffs and nonchalant vocals close things off with attitude.

If you're in the market for a band who know how to stylishly kick the shit out of a three-minute rock tune, The Indices could be just what you're looking for. - Electric Harmony

"The Indices, now the glove have come off"

When I heard that The Indices had parted with their drummer Toby I thought they may have made a big mistake, Toby is a brilliant drummer, of course he was in Primal Scream so his calibre is well known. I thought they were taking a risk, but the guys assured me that all was well and I’d be impressed with their new harder edged sound. So I waited with baited breath as new boy Ollie got behind the bands dazzlingly glittery drum kit for the first time @ The Ship to start the gig. From the start of their first number ‘Feed On Me’ I knew what the guys were talking about!

The Indices are extremely prolific and have always had beautifully crafted songs, but now they have a driving John Bonham infused blues beat to accompany it. The sound of the band has been transformed into raucous dynamite fuelled rock and roll, songs like ‘Australia’, ‘Only At The Weekend’ ‘Give Me The Answer’, ‘Heavy Rolling’ and the infectious ‘Spite you’ now feel fresh, pacey, hard edged and dirtier than before, bringing Ollie in gives the boys a looser more contemporary sound, reminiscent of Kasabian, The Dead Weather or The Lost Souls Club.

The whole set oozed with with class, style and an enthusiastic verve. Yes the guys need to tighten up some of the songs, but in my opinion The Indices are now Dorset’s most accomplished band, they have raised the bar, if they had been able to enter the Dorset Music Prize this year they could have gone on to win it. I certainly believe they have the potential to do whatever they wish, they have that kind of ability you don’t see too often. My ex wife Shannon said that The Indices were a band to watch in 2011, well believe me The Indices are coming at you and this time they’re not fucking around! - Paul Brewer

"Song of the day - Mystery Love"

What happens when four mates get together and decide to form a band? The outcome could be good or bad but in the case of The Indices a new british band the outcome could only have been good.

Check out their brand new track Mystery Love below. - Lyfstyl Music Blog Toronto Canada


EP In The Clutches of Minds



The Indices are a four piece outfit hailing from the UK’s West Country, fronted by brothers Charles and Martin Carter. Following the recruitment of Toby Tomanov (ex-Primal Scream & Durutti Column) and bassist Giles Baker in the winter of 2008, the band spent 2 years writing and touring the south coast extensively. Drawing inspiration from their initial live performances, rural surroundings and the opportunity to write in the company of Mancunian veteran Tomanov during this tentative period, the foundations of the band’s melodic garage rock sound began to emerge, embodying influences as broad as post rock, early blues and psychedelia. The subsequent enrolment of permanent drummer Oliver Cocup in Spring 2011 was shortly followed by the band’s first real foray into the studio besides bedroom demo tapes, recording debut EP In the Clutches of Minds with producer Ali Chant, a record the band & growing online fan base felt to be a faithful reproduction of the spirit & energy of their live shows, though with the Carter’s addition of more intricate melodic texture, particularly apparent on Mystery Love. The Indices continue to tour the South regularly and are readying the release of their second EP, working again at Chant’s Bristol based studio Toybox.