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"Out In The West - Review"

Imagine a ride back to a distant past, where the west was yet to be won. Savor the smell of sagebrush and gunpowder as the Indulgers unfold their new musical journey "Out In The West".

Inspired by the bands western travels and stories of their forefathers, "Out In The West" taps into the spirit of the old west through the eyes of the Celtic immigrant. Breaking new musical frontiers by blending their Celtic heritage signature sound with America's "amber waves of grain" the Indulgers create a panoramic musical adventure of the old west and it's changes.

"Out In The West" takes you by the reigns beginning with the upbeat toe tapping "Park City Silver" into the gun slinging epic "High Noon". Track 3 "Cheyenne" pays homage to the men who laid the rail. The songs sing of a time that was wild and lawless delivering a Celtic sound inspired by the western landscape.

During the past eight years, The Indulgers (Damien McCarron - vocals/guitar, Renee Fine - fiddle, Mike Nile - vocals/guitar/mandolin/accordion/whistle/pipes, Pat Murphy - drums, and Chris Murtaugh - bass) toured the country extensively from their western base of Golden/Boulder Colorado. After several east coast tours the band concentrated on the roads less traveled in the west and began creating the music for their 6th CD. Deadwood, Rapid City, South Dakota; Cheyenne, Gillette, Wyoming; Chadron, Nebraska and Cripple Creek, Black Hawk, Durango, Colorado became Indulger territory along with larger cities like Las Vegas, Denver, Kansas City and San Francisco.

Family stories and old letters passed down provided inspiration for the telling in the songs. "Out In the West" speaks of a period of history where the new America was wide open to all and the possibilities seemed endless on a new frontier. There's pride in those stories and letters, and in these songs. Pride for the people with ancestors that blazed a trail out into the west and the immigrants that gave life, sweat and blood to create the dreams of a new nation.

Engineered and produced by veteran team Mike Nile and Neale Heywood(Fleetwood Mac) the band sounds as tight and punchy as ever. Heywood continues to guest as the sixth member of the Indulgers and contributes guitar and organ to the Celt/rock sound. So…saddle up! Join the Indulgers for a wild-west ride and through their new thirteen-song masterpiece "Out In The West".

Information on tour dates and CD “Out In The West” availability may be found at - CDBaby

"Paddyrock.Com - CD Review"

The Indulgers
"Out In The West"
Self Released

The Indulgers have come a long way with this celtic folk-rock with a touch of Americana on this disc. Like a book of great stories in years past.... The Indulgers take you on a journey on the roads and country sides of those brave souls who migrated to the "West". This release reminds me of my ancestors who came over here from Denmark years ago and made that trip across country... some of whom died... and others who struggled found their way to land and a place to call home. This is stripped down music with history, purpose, and emotion... great song-writing... almost a soundtrack of what I should have learned in school.

If you like Celtic folk/rock that you can groove to rather than get pissed drunk to at a jumping party... you will Indulge yourself on this trip "Out In The West". -

"The Indulgers (with Mike Nile)"

Here's one that will mean nothing to anyone other than those readers who happened to live in Boulder, Colorado in the '70s and early '80s, but I ran into The Indulgers by accident while looking for Judy Rudin. For the uninitiated, Judy Rudin is this harmonica playing blues singer who had a club band that was big on the Boulder circuit in those days. She is in Southern California, I think, has worked with go-to San Francisco producer Linda Perry (Pink, Christina Aguilera, James Blunt) was great, I can't find her, but in looking I found Mike Nile.

Mike is one interesting dude. He is a Colorado native, a musician-engineer-producer- composer type who had been a big fan of the band Spirit - guitarist Randy California, drummer Ed Cassidy, vocalist Jay Ferguson, keyboard player John Locke, and bassist Mark Andes. Mike met Randy California and Ed Cassidy when each moved to the Boulder area in the late 70s and in 1978 engineered Spirit's Potatoland LP at Northstar Studio in Boulder, even contributing the opening track.

In 1979, Mike Nile got a development deal that put him in Malibou with a recording studio and instructions to write songs. He worked on others' projects, established his band Nile, which worked as a house band at a Malibou venue, and toured in Mick Fleetwood's Speed of Light Band. And, he stayed in touch with Randy California, so when Randy got a contract to do a solo LP Mike Nile and his band were there to help him pull it together. The story winds on until finally Mike Nile becomes the bassist for a reunited Spirit, a gig that lasts for years. It is all richly detailed by Mike Nile at and is well worth reading. It is another "link" in the Boulder chain.

Fast forward to today and Mike Nile has returned to Colorado (in 1998 - I'm a little behind) and, after years of playing tour dates with Spirit, has dedicated himself to family - and a new band. And what a band it is!

The Indulgers is the brainchild of Dublin, Ireland-born singer/songwriter Damien McCarron, who with multi-instrumentalist Nile, fiddler Renee Fine, drummer Pat Murphy and bassist Chris Murtaugh has forged a fusion of traditional Irish folk and rock that is absolutely infectious.

Certainly in large part it is due to the very Irishness of the singer. That accent is bedrock to this music and gives the whole affair authenticity. And Damien can write a hook - or at the very least use what's his wherever he finds it - because this music is delightful in the way that Irish jigs are delightful. Add the power of a well-polished rock unit and you've got moving stuff, as in make you dance around with a grin. It's good for your ears. It's like ginger after sushi; cleansing somehow, even revivifying.

I'm a little late to learn of The Indulgers, but...(From their website) - "The Indulgers have been featured at nearly all of the major Irish festivals in the U.S. and are the resident, premier Celtic band of Colorado and Las Vegas... The Indulgers were recognized as Colorado’s 'Independent Band of the Year' in 2003 and won Westword’s World Music Award and’s 'Denver’s Best Band Award.' Their first release, In Like Flynn, garnered numerous awards including Ethnic CD of the Year 2000 and Celtic Song of the Year for its title track. The CD also peaked at number two on’s International Independent Chart. The Indulgers have rapidly gained a reputation as one of the top Celtic bands in North America and have appeared with numerous nationally and internationally known artists. The Indulger’s Celtic Rock band played on U.S. College Radio, NPR affiliates, Web and Satellite radio stations, Radio Scotland, Australian, Brazilian, Irish, French, Portuguese, German, Canadian, and Russian Radio Stations." -


The CD's
In Like Flynn (1999) CCR-001
Tan & Black (2001) CCR-002
Celtic Tiger (2002) CCR-003
High Road To Heaven (2003) CCR-004
Chase The Ghost (2004) CCR-005
Out In The West (2006) CCR-006

Secret World Of Celtic Rock
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Hot Sounds In The City
Bolder Boulder 07



Add up well over a thousand shows, tours across the U.S. and Ireland, numerous festivals, town concerts, fairs, pubs and theaters, and you have a dozen years in the life of Colorado's Celtic rock pioneers, The Indulgers.

The Indulgers, a rock band with a unique western twist hail from Boulder and Golden, Colorado USA, but their musical roots and influences can be found in Ireland.

The Indulgers are: Dublin born Damien McCarron - Vocal/Guitar, Renee Fine - Violin, Mike Nile - Vocal/Guitar, Mandolin, Whistle, Accordian, and Electronic Bagpipe, Aaron Haywood - Bass, Frannie "Cheech" Manone - Drums, Ryan Bunnell - Guitar, Neale Heywood - Guitar.

It all began with The Indulger's first song "In Like Flynn", written and recorded twelve years ago - which garnished awards from "Just Plain Folks" for best Celtic song of the year as well as the CD receiving best Celtic album of the year. Now over a decade later The Indulgers continue to push forward with new and exciting original Celtic rock music.

The Indulgers 6th CD "Out In The West", (nominated for best celtic album in 2009 by Just Plain Folks) featuring songs inspired by the western legends, culture, and experiences of the Irish/Scottish immigrants, who came to America bound for a new life in the west.

The Indulgers continue to create and develop an exciting new blend of celtic rock/western/folk rhythms that move and inspire, delivering energetic live shows from San Francisco to New York City and abroad from their western home base.