The Inebriations

The Inebriations

 Dover, Massachusetts, USA
BandAmericanaClassic Rock

American music fueled by whiskey and wanderlust.


The Inebriations combine wood, strings, guts and electricity with classic country, early rock and heavy blues influences to churn out a sound that would sound right at home on a Sirius XM "Outlaw Country" playlist. 

This is a band of grizzled Boston rock veterans who've spanned decades on the Boston scene. Drummer Rick Weden, who lends his Bonham-esque right foot and Texas shuffles to the band, played with the 80's legends "The Lines". Eric Wells, a standout seasoned blues guitarist was a founding member of "T.H. and the Wreckage". Rick and Eric have played with and opened for just about everybody, and the early rehearsals were often derailed by storytelling. Bassist Dark Mark White played recently with Munk Duane Band and also provides the bottom end of the Led Zeppelin catalog with the acoustic orchestra "TALZTOP". Dave Yuknat (acoustic guitar, lead vocals) was the bassist in 90's band Notary Public, and more recently played bass with the Chris Canty Band and Low Sparks.

In 2013, the boys honed a unique sound by playing countless 2 hour sets in their hometown watering hole, American Legion Post 209 in Dover, MA. From there they ventured out to a handful of clubs around town, including Sally O'Brien's, Radio (RIP) and Precinct, They even busked in Harvard Sq. It was a productive & memorable first year.
The Inebriations has a setlist that reads like a travel blog. "Austin, Texas", "Memphis", and "Loozianna", along with others, celebrate wanderlust, while other songs like "Wanderin'" and "Strawberry Blonde" explore some late night side roads flooded with flawed humanity.

In the Fall of 2013, Dave brought the band to Aberrant Sound to visit his old friend, producer/engineer Brian Sargent (Jewel, John Fries, Secret School). Four basic tracks were laid down and two singles were finished and released. The first, "Austin, Texas" was described by The Noise as a "rowdy country rock tune" and ended up as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. The second single, "Roar", is a song about inspiration, inspired by a Charles Bukowski quote. Both tracks are available on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

The first months of 2014 will be spent hunkered down in the rehearsal space and plotting an adventure that will result in a 5 song EP and hopefully some great gigs. The Inebriations aren't trying to take over the world, but they have a bourbon cask of creativity to unleash and a lot more fun left in the tank.

Set List

Next to You
Jenny Dee
Hang Tight
Where'd You Go (Last Night)?
Strawberry Blonde

Various covers by
Johnny Cash
Roy Buchanan
Willie Nelson
Bob Dylan
Hank Williams
Buddy Guy
Robert Johnson
The Band