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Funny name aside, this four-piece is all about the power-pop-rock crunch. With infectious vocal harmonies reminiscent of the Raspberries, Weezer, The Cars and Cheap Trick, they combine those artists' musical qualities to kick-ass results. Unlike those bands/commodities, however, these guys sound like they're actually having fun and don't give a shit about anything other than rocking out and making their ex-girlfriends cry. Get ready to jump off the bar and leap into a pop frenzy. - New York Press


A perversely postmodern sensibility simultaneously acknowledges the fundamental necessity for and the inevitable futility of all romantic relationships. Twisted souls for whom this theorem resonates will surely warm to The Inevitable Breakups. Those still clinging to rose-colored glasses with respond instead to the undeniably infectious power pop songs of singer/guitarist Daniel Stampfel. The golden age of NYC wave is present on No Wonder You're So Beautiful, which is co-produced by guitar legend Richard Lloyd (Television, Matthew Sweet). Over the space of six songs (an alternate non-spicy version of the hooky "Baby You Just Fill Me Up" is also included), the EP boasts a winning combination of crunchy guitars, sing-along melodies & harmonies, and a youthful verve that matches Weezer's best (Yeah, I like Weezer!), especially my favs "Inside Your Thoughts" and "I Wanted To Die For"; the latter contains what is perhaps the summary couplet for the band: "Oh, oh and solitude is miserable/But when she's here I'm still miserable" - The Big Takeover


How cool is this? A seven-inch single of one of The Inevitable Breakups' hottest songs. Even the paper label on the black vinyl records looks vintage with its retro RCO (Really Cool Originals) logo reminiscent of the Sun label. And damn if this thing doesn't sound like a 45. In deference to turntable-challenged devotees, they've also released a CD version, but even that has that wonderfully wobbly 45 rpm sound. And about that...uhm..provocative picture sleeve - listen to the songs and you'll understand. And this is kind of a set piece with the flip side track "All I Want". Two sides of the same thang? While "Stephanie" is a testosterone-charged rocker of the sort Buddy Holly and the Crickets might deliver on a sweat-soaked night down at the roadhouse in Lubbock of 1957 (and front guy Daniel Stampfel is New Yorker via Texas), "All I Want" displays the sensitive side of things with a solo Stampfel and his acoustic guitar. Last time out, the Richard Lloyd co-produced No Wonder You're So Beautiful showcased The Inevitable Breakups ability to deliver catchy power-pop compositions with apparent ease. And while that EP was indeed impressive, this latest release captures the raw energy that is so much at the heart of the groups' live shows. - NEON-NYC's Punk n' Roll Magazine


the inevitable breakups
What’s love got to do with it? Ask the Inevitable Breakups . . . they’ll name names and tell you about Justine and Stephanie and all the other things that inevitably go wrong.

You know those old movies you sometimes catch on TV? It’s a basic boy meets girl plot where the headstrong guy bumps up against the very independent gal who’s just a little whacky. They’re like fire and ice, but in the end you just know they’re gonna hook up. At some point the guy’s colorful and cliche-prone sidekick announces, “Joe, I tell ya that doll’s got you spinning like a top. And I’ll tell ya something else. You’re falling for that dame like a ton a bricks and she’s gonna have ya wrapped around her little finger before you can say Jack Dempsey!”

Well, the inevitable does happen, but if the Inevitable Breakups wrote the script, yeah the guy would still get the gal but by the last act she’d cruelly dump him and run off with the colorful sidekick. Love’s disappointments may be a recurring theme throughout a lot of their songbook, but the Inevitable Breakups deliver these songs not with melancholy regret and longing, but with biting testimony via Daniel Stampfel’s urgent and stinging vocals. The music is up-tempo, powerful and despite the lyrical content, very pop oriented with strong melodies and hooks aplenty. And for boy/girl stuff, this is pretty heady. At Tribeca, they opened up with the extremely catchy “Justine.” This time the lover’s rival is another city (L.A.). On “My Mind Is Weak” he laments not so much that his lover left him, but the fact that he misses her. All is not so tragic. “Baby, You Just Fill Me Up” is an ode to the simple mundane pleasures of being in love and the Breakups recall the excitement of early sexual exploration with a cover of Tommy James and the Shondell’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” (although the Shondell’s “(My Baby Does The) Hanky Panky” would have fit this band just as well).

Stampfel is an impressive frontman and the center of attention: at times beating his Rickenbacher into submission, backing away from the mic for a little victory dance now and then, and letting loose with an flurry of rat-a-tat-tat vocals; but this music depends heavily on the beat and it takes flight via the rock-steady rhythm section of Evan Silverman on bass and M. Daniel Peña on drums. Peña is a monster on his kit. When called upon, he can pound out incredibly powerful rhythms of rage and redemption. They also had a second guitarist this night, but when I saw them at a subsequent CBGB gig they performed as a trio (and sounded no less impressive). Daniel Stampfel said this was a temporary situation and also told me they were again in the process of recording, with a possible seven inch vinyl (!) in the plans.

The Inevitable Breakups current release, the 2002 EP No Wonder You’re So Beautiful (co-produced by Television’s Richard Lloyd), is a little jewel of a recording. It may be a bit more on the pop side then their live shows (with a different lead guitar and bassist), but is just as enjoyable.
- NEON-NYC's Punk n' Roll Magazine

"Indie Music Pick - Head For Hill's"

Tiswas, a label and weekly even at Don Hill's lines up buzz bands weekly. This week is another exceptional night, with local acts, The Stills, The Inevitable Breakups, Elefant and the Jupiter Project...The Inevitable Breakups, which performs catchy harmony filled indie pop, have a new CD, "No Wonder You're So Beautiful", and features Daniel Stampfel (ex-The Skastafarians). - New York Post

"Breakups Not Broken Up"

With their debut EP, No Wonder You're so Beautiful, the New York City-based the inevitable breakups turn heartfelt lyrics into upbeat indie pop. Lead singer Daniel Stampfel's voice, reminiscent of Rivers Cuomo's of Weezer, combines with distinctive guitar riffs and harmonizing melodies to create catchy songs that are sure to stick around.

"Justine" maintains an intense, energetic chorus while stressing longing and lost love. In "I Wanted to Die For," Stampfel enthusiastically sings of disappointment. The most memorable song, "Inside Your Thoughts," has a melodic chorus and potential to become a mainstream hit.

The breakups aren't looking for pity, and they aren't quite brokenhearted. Instead, the band proves heartache does not always equal misery and may even bring on a good mood.

- The Daily Free Press


CD - "Ready For Your Next Trick" - played on G106.3 Grock radio-NJ. Streaming on and on

7-inch "Stephanie" - played on DMX Music (Satellite Radio). Streaming on

EP - No Wonder You're So Beautiful - played on Virgin Radio UK. Streaming on, and


Feeling a bit camera shy


You both look into each other's eyes and smile. The flowers you gave her lay delicately on the table. The night was magical, and nothing could ever be like this again. "I love you,” she whispers, and you nod in reply, because deep inside, you know where it's all going.

The inevitable breakups blend powerful music/melodies reminiscent of The Jam/Jimmy Eat World, early rock n’ roll sensibilities of Buddy Holly, and the harmonies of power pop’s finest. The NEW YORK PRESS says, “With a sound and infectious vocal harmonies reminiscent of the Raspberries, Weezer, the Cars and Cheap Trick, the inevitable breakups manage to combine those artists’ musical qualities to full effect with some kick-ass results.”

With the release of their debut EP, “No Wonder You’re So Beautiful”, the inevitable breakups rocketed from the NYC indie rock scene and garnered much attention via the strengths of their songsmith, Daniel Stampfel. THE BIG TAKEOVER called the EP which was co-produced by Richard Lloyd (Television), “The golden age of NYC new wave”. The band followed up this EP with a rousing 7-inch release in February 2004. NEON MAGAZINE called this recording “a testosterone-charged rocker of the sort Buddy Holly would perform” and stated that it “captures the raw energy that is so much at the heart of the groups’ live shows”.

the inevitable breakups have just completed a brand new album titled “Ready For Your Next Trick”. The album captures the best aspects of the prior releases by combining heady girl/boy songwriting, energetic performances and the immaculate production of
Big Blue Meenie producer, Arun Venkatesh.

the inevitable breakups live show has gained the band much notoriety as well including Indie Music Pick of the week in the NEW YORK POST. The band has shared the stage with such leading bands as The Stills, Longwave, Stellastarr*, Elefant, The Hong Kong, Robbers On High Street, Orange Park, and Billionaire Boys Club. Catch the inevitable breakups at such NYC venues as The Mercury Lounge, Piano's, The Knitting Factory, Sin-e, Don Hill's, CBGB's, Luna Lounge, Tribeca and Arlene's Grocery or LA venues such as The Knitting Factory, Club Good Hurt and the Backstage Café.

Lead singer Daniel Stampfel spent many years in the Dallas rock scene with his band The Skastafarians, who among other accolades appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. After the disbanding, Daniel moved to NYC and spent several years, honing his skills as a songwriter and singer and eventually teamed up with veteran drummer and backing vocalist, M. Dan Peña formerly of the Joe Pagetta Band.

Drummer Dan perfected his craft in what seemed like an eternity in the Jersey rock scene. With an extraordinary strength for beating the drums and ear for melody, it was a rough cassette recording of Daniel's songs that caught his attention and inspired his weekly train rides into New York. To complete the line-up the band has just enlisted long time punk bassist Joe Bates. Joe has played in numerous bands in Chicago, Boston and Florida. Together with the support and contributions of former bassist/co-founder Hans Stampfel, the inevitable breakups been able to parlay their working relationships into many successes.

It is the primary goal of the inevitable breakups to be the envy of all previous girlfriends and through extensive performing, find new girls who will inevitably break our hearts.