The Infatuations

The Infatuations

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

Funk, Soul, Detroit Rock & Roll


The Infatuations are simply… Detroit. This band is a celebration of every sonic movement borne of the Motor City; the well-crafted pop-soul of Motown, to the sheer in-your-face bravado of Parliament Funkadelic, to the raw untamed energy of the MC5. Imagine you are at a summertime block party with every milestone Detroit-produced band, the jam session at the end would bring you The Infatuations. Danceable, unforgettable catchy pop-rock-soul-n-funk, that hits the craft sonic signatures of decades of Motor City styles, but with a modern flair. The new singles evoke current culture and build on the cornerstones and high-water marks of their industrial renaissance hometown.

 Like the band’s live performances, the album is diverse, fun, soulful, gritty, and always positive and uplifting in tenor. Their songwriting also provides rich storytelling in the tradition of Curtis Mayfield or Marvin Gaye. It gets you on your feet like Rare Earth, hits you like The MC5 and grooves you like P-Funk.

 The Infatuations’ range of appeal is forefront in the acts they’ve shared the stage with in the last year… from George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars to Third Man Records’ breakout artist Willy Moon, to Here Come The Mummies to Mike Posner. Indeed the band is a perennial favorite on the summer festival circuit, reliably proving time and time again that all generations and cultures like to get up and dance!

 The Infatuations live performance has been described as electric, energetic, and euphoric. The band also cites more contemporary artists such as Jamiroquai, Lenny Kravitz, Sharon Jones and fellow Michigander Mayer Hawthorne as inspiration. New singer Kendrick Hardaway, guitarist Christian Draheim, bassist The Wolf, guitarist Nick Behnan and drummer Robert Myers draw more and more fans into their “nu-soul family” during every set. “Consistently fun and always drawing new fans” according to concert promoters, “they keep the ladies dancing and the fellas drinking".

 Since 2013, The Infatuations have brought home 12 Detroit Music Awards across multiple categories including "Outstanding Live Performance" in 2014 and 2016. "You want to know how Detroit actually parties…watch The Infatuations," says Gnyp, from 93.9 FM The River. "The Infatuations are a must-see band”.


07/10/2016 - MONSTER - EP - Digital Download -

05/06/2014 - DETROIT BLOCK PARTY - LP  available on CD and Digital Download -

11/27/2013 - Yesterday Morning - Single -

Holidays 2013 - This Christmas - Compilation - A Michigan Christmas of Hope - CD -

07/27/2013 - Dancin' On My Knees - Compilation - Free Detroit Summer '13 Mixtape - CD Promo

03/26/2012 - Blame It On You - Compilation - Undar The Radar Magazine Sampler Issue #40 - Digital Promo 

02/14/2012 - Blame It On You - Single  -

02/21/2012 - Recorded Live in Front of a Studio Audience - OUT OF PRINT

04/24/2009 - January Sessions - OUT OF PRINT