The Infernal Duo

The Infernal Duo


The Infernal Duo (which became a quartet in 2006) plays energetic original rock music in the vein of Tenacious D and Spinal Tap. With clever lyrics that both praise and satirize college life, the Duo appeals to fans of rock music and anyone who loves to party. In short, we go to 11.


The Duo began as the brainchild of Chris Moreau and Wallace Campbell in 2004. The freshman roommates at Bucknell University (located in Moreau's quiet central Pennsylvania hometown of Lewisburg) started by writing hilarious and rockin' music about evading the campus police, vikings, streaking, and a variety of other topics related to college life, and playing it at open mic nights at Bucknell's 7th Street Cafe where they built their dedicated fanbase of Bucknell students.

With the addition of Andrew Cole and Andrew Neils in 2006, the Duo was able to move out of the coffee house and onto the stage. Incorporating influences ranging from the comedic mock-rock of Tenacious D and danceable hooks of Electric Six to the metallic riffs of Iron Maiden and classic guitar badassery of Jimmy Page (and of course generous amounts of Lionshead beer) The Infernal Duo's originals are energetic and filled with shreddingly tasty guitar licks. The on-stage antics, which have included, among other things, large blonde wigs, leopard spandex pants, and a guitar-playing gorilla, make the live experience something you must see to understand.

Three years of songwriting and half a year spent locked in Moreau's basement culminated in the Duo's first full-length self-produced album, 'Til Death Do Us Party. The Infernal Duo relentlessly rocks the Bucknell campus and Lewisburg area, and is looking to export their lunacy and party-hard attitude all around the galaxy.


Party Til You Die

Written By: The Infernal Duo

We discovered a portal,
down into Hell.
Where we sold our souls,
to the devil himself.
In exchange for guitars,
guitars of fire.
Therefore we will play,
until we expire.
To live or not to live, you only have one life to give 'til the devil takes it away.
So party 'til you die, get wasted every night.
Party 'til you die, get naked every night, party 'til you die every night.
No food in the 'fridge,
we only have beer.
But that's how we like it,
we party all year.
We returned from Hades,
and this is what we found.
Shit happens when you party naked, get wasted right now!

Gorilla Warfare

Written By: The Infernal Duo

Monkeys of mass destuction are ready to explode
Banano-technology will crack their code.
Legions of battle apes and angry silverbacks.
Primates of the jungle are ready to attack.
Hide your families from the monkeys.
Gorilla warfare.
In the future monkeys will fight our battles.
Gorilla warriors fire banana missiles.
Ferocious gibbons are marching by rank.
They are no match for the fleets of orangutan tanks.
Chimpanzee soldiers are lurking in the trees.
Biological warfare spread simian disease.
Gorilla warriors wage gorilla war.

Beards of Fire

Written By: The Infernal Duo

The vikings they sail across the sea,
they come to Bucknell and they don't come in peace.
Their beards are reckless, their beards are wild
They come to plunder they come to light fires.
They take no prisoners no mercy for the weak,
Fighting with axes its glory they seek.
Bucknell students throw up your hands,
the vikings are here to reclaim their lands.
Beards of fire, burning in the night.
The horn of battle disturbs the peace
They attack and they pillage during finals week.
Into the classrooms and into the dorms
with flaming arrows and blazing swords.
But the Duo emerged to save the day,
we had an idea to send them away.
We gave them some shots and some Lionshead beer
10,000 cases made them disappear
They returned to their ships they returned to the sea
Cuz all they wanted was beer for free.
We are friends of the Vikings....

Beer Pirates

Written By: The Infernal Duo

We set out on an adventure
to see what we could find.
We set out looking for treasure,
with gold on our mind.
We sneaked in through the backdoor,
when noone was around.
We looked into the fridge, and guess what we found? A case of Natty Ice!
You better guard your case.
Cuz nothing is safe
from the beer pirates.
Cuz its late at night but we're not asleep.
We're out on the prowl, disguised in the street.
We bolt out of the house and escape with the case.
Taking off through the backyard, we started to race...with the Natty Ice!
And into the darkness we disappear with the beer.
Then tomorrow night the party's over here.
After a night of plunder the booty is ours.
Cuz chicks dig guys with beer and guitars...and Natty Ice!


-Til Death Do Us Party, 2007
-A variety of homemade EPs and demos floating around out there somewhere that none but the most loyal of Duo fans really kept track of. Most of those songs ended up on the album.

As we are currently unsigned and produced the album ourselves, we handle all distribution. Get in touch if you'd like a copy.


Set List

We generally play originals with a smattering of covers depending on how long the set is. We can play roughly an hour and half with all originals, and have played sets as long as three hours.

Some songs we've covered in the past:
I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness
8675309 - Tommy Tutone
Under the Bridge - the Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Final Countdown - Europe
I Want You To Want Me - Cheap Trick