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"Infernal Duo rocks Uptown - Spandex leopard shorts, moon shoes, and wig, the band aims to have fun."

Ashley Drake - Contributing writer
October 5, 2007

Uptown got a taste of the University's notorious "Infernal Duo" Band on Saturday night. More than 50 students gathered at the nightclub to enoy an evening of what Dallas Mellott '08 descrbed as "feel good party music with no strings attached."
After an energetic opening of techno-rap performed by Christine Miller '08, also known as Cotton Candy Delight, the crowd anxiously awaited the Duo to take the stage.
Despite its name, the Infernal Duo is comprised of four band members: Wallace Campbell '08 and Chris Moreau '08 as the lead singers and guitarists, Andrew Cole '08 playing bass, and Andrew Neils '08 on the drums.
Dressed in spandex leopard shorts, moon shoes and a Dee Snider wig, Moreau said "We just [try] to write silly songs about Bucknell kids. We are just trying to have fun." From the frenzied crowd, screaming fans and a few attempts at crowd-surfing, it seemed like the Infernal Duo members weren't the only ones having a blast that night.
The concert started out with an energetic '80s rock inspired "Party 'Til You Die" from their recently released album "'Til Death Do Us Party." It was followed by "Gorilla Warfare" a play on "guerilla warfare". With lyrics like "ferocious gibbons are marching by rank/they are no match for the fleets of orangutan tanks/chimpanzee soldiers are lurking in the trees/biological warfare spread simian disease", the crowd enjoyed dancing to the humorous and musically entertaining track.
The rest of the songs ("The Best Part of My Day", "Campus Police", "Beards of Fire", "Hair Today Gone Tomorrow", "The Tale of the Natty Knight", "Plum Smuggler", "Streaker", "The Fifth Dimension", "Good Times Vampires", "Beer Pirates", and "Members Only") are all equally entertaining.
Seth Pajka '08 said the songs were a "smattering of '60s and '80s rock with a hint of Tenacious D."
The most popular and well received track seemed to be "The Tale of the Natty Knight." Who could go wrong with lyrics like "this is the story of a man/and his plan to put a can/of cheap beer in every hand/to all across the land"?
In addition to its own music, The Infernal Duo pleased the crowd with its own rendition of "The Final Countdown" by the '80s Swedish glam metal band Europe. The last surprise was the encore song they rocked out to: "I Want You to Want Me" by Cheap Trick.
Check them out and listen to demos of "Streaker", "Campus Police", and "Plum Smuggler' at - The Bucknellian - Arts and Entertainment

"Silvertide Show"

(Not exactly traditional press, but a Bucknell student who reviews concerts on his blog had some nice things to say about the Duo when we opened for Silvertide. Most of the review is about the main act, but he has a brief paragraph about us at the beginning. This was the first time the Duo ever played at Bucknell's Uptown Night Club and only the second time playing with a drummer. Ah the memories... The keyboardist he refers to is actually our "merch guy" and good friend PJ Hubert playing the bass notes on keys, as Belushi was involved in another band at the time.)

Saturday, April 22, 2006
Uptown: The Bucknell Nightclub, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA

(4/23/06) Wow, that was an incredible concert! I still can't believe it happened, but boy am I glad it did! There couldn't have been more than thirty people in the audience, and I had a nice spot right up in front on the left side, just in front of lead guitarist Nick Perri!

I knew it had to be true the moment I walked into Uptown and saw the Silvertide logo on the bass drum head up on the stage.

The Infernal Duo opened the show, and I think they were an appropriate warmup for the main act. Maybe a little amateur in comparison, but they definitely had the attitude, and that's what really counts. Curiously, the "Duo" had become a quartet, as they apparently added a drummer and keyboardist to the group for this performance. They played a few songs, some that sounded familiar from times I've seen the Duo play at 7th St. Cafe. They were good as usual, with some tasty electric solos. Not a hundred percent serious, but having fun and rocking out as much as is necessary.

Silvertide played a rocking set, with as much energy as you can expect from them. There were a lot of amusing antics as well. Walt stepped past the monitors and walked out into the audience quite a few times during the course of the show, and climbed up onto a stack of amps and sat up there for a short period. The entire band, but Walt (and Nick) especially, were energetic, literally bouncing off the walls of the stage, that is, if the stage had walls. Kevin threw a drum stick at one point, I'm not sure if he was throwing it out to the audience, but it looked like it hit either Mark or Brian, whether intended or not. In fact, Walt grabbed the drumstick and stuck it right down the front of his pants at one point. He hit the cymbals a couple of times as well.

Basically, it was what you get at a Silvertide show - a rockin' good time. The majority of the songs played were from the Show And Tell album, but four of the songs were new ones (Still Breathing, Drama Queen, Hey Now, Loaded Guns), songs that are being considered for the band's sophomore album, which they've been working on since coming off the road for the past couple months. The new songs rock hard, and if anything, I would say that the new material is heavier than what we've heard on Show And Tell. Maybe it was just the energy of the live performance, but that's the impression I got. They were rockin' hard, though.

One thing Walt certainly didn't fail to mention was the irony of Silvertide playing a show at a bar at which the only two rules are 'no smoking' and 'no drinking'. He said they were glad to be playing live, though, since they've been in the studio writing songs for so long.

The closer, Ain't Comin' Home, was especially interesting. At one point, Walt instructed the band to keep the beat going while he left the stage, paraded through the audience, and walked into the back room to take a shot at the billiard table. Then he got up on top of the table and proceeded to hump it ecstatically. Before returning to the stage, he hung out at the back of the audience, and led the chant "I ain't comin' home", at one point even getting the audience to kneel down low to the ground. Once Walt got back to the stage, the band fired into overdrive to close out the show. It was incredible.

After the band left the stage, I got one thing that is so totally awesome that I know I will cherish it for a long time! I asked the stage hand that was cleaning up if I could have one of Nick's guitar pics, and there was a couple left over, so he gave me one, and gave Scott one. They are official Silvertide guitar pics, and they're signed on the back by Nick Perri himself! Awesome!

There weren't a whole lot of people there tonight, but from what I saw, everyone who *was* there had a hell of a time. And if any of them weren't Silvertide fans before tonight, and I know there was at least a few, if not most of them, then for sure they are Silvertide fans now.

I bought another Silvertide t-shirt at the merch table after the show, and got all five members of the band to sign it. Scott got a t-shirt and a copy of the album (Show And Tell) and got them signed. And Marcus, who had a good time, also got a t-shirt to get signed. Then we and a good portion of the audience that saw the show (since there weren't really that ma - Zharth's Concert Experiences -


-Til Death Do Us Party, 2007
-A variety of homemade EPs and demos floating around out there somewhere that none but the most loyal of Duo fans really kept track of. Most of those songs ended up on the album.

As we are currently unsigned and produced the album ourselves, we handle all distribution. Get in touch if you'd like a copy.




The Duo began as the brainchild of Chris Moreau and Wallace Campbell in 2004. The freshman roommates at Bucknell University (located in Moreau's quiet central Pennsylvania hometown of Lewisburg) started by writing hilarious and rockin' music about evading the campus police, vikings, streaking, and a variety of other topics related to college life, and playing it at open mic nights at Bucknell's 7th Street Cafe where they built their dedicated fanbase of Bucknell students.

With the addition of Andrew Cole and Andrew Neils in 2006, the Duo was able to move out of the coffee house and onto the stage. Incorporating influences ranging from the comedic mock-rock of Tenacious D and danceable hooks of Electric Six to the metallic riffs of Iron Maiden and classic guitar badassery of Jimmy Page (and of course generous amounts of Lionshead beer) The Infernal Duo's originals are energetic and filled with shreddingly tasty guitar licks. The on-stage antics, which have included, among other things, large blonde wigs, leopard spandex pants, and a guitar-playing gorilla, make the live experience something you must see to understand.

Three years of songwriting and half a year spent locked in Moreau's basement culminated in the Duo's first full-length self-produced album, 'Til Death Do Us Party. The Infernal Duo relentlessly rocks the Bucknell campus and Lewisburg area, and is looking to export their lunacy and party-hard attitude all around the galaxy.