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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Infinite I Release New Single To Earthlings"

It’s Halloween weekend, so I thought it would be fitting to introduce a band that’s (literally) out of this world. Infinite I are an alternative, experimental, rock band from the Cold Dessert on Protus 6 (*cough* Toronto/Hamilton *end cough*).

Their story summed up (to the best of my ability): Miki Traczyk (vocalist. keyboard, guitar) found himself in another dimension, one believed to be the dimension before death. In this dimension he stumbled upon a crash site where he met Mercury (Bass, Vocals). The two decided to travel together where they then came across Scripter (Guitar, Other SFX) who’s job was it to take them to the afterlife. They refused, and for some reason, the three of them became companions. Wandering the desserts of Protus 6 they met The Jackal (Vocals, Guitar) and The Gateway (Percussion) somehow appeared. The crusade now exists within the infinite. Pretty straight forward, right?

Now, they’re giving away their new single ‘The White Snake? The Iguana’ teamed up with their track ‘Third Eye’ for free on the world wide web. The tracks are unique and out of this world. ‘The White Snake? The Iguana’ is experimental and has mellow, light, dream like sounds on top of a chopped up drum beat and ‘Third Eye’ is heavier with a marching bass line and catchy hooks. - Chris Then Lee


Starting off the E.P with a majestic church organ on the opening track, Hamilton's Infinite I move in a few different directions as their four track CD goes on. The only consistent are the male vocals going from calm to chaotic while still being listenable.

'Peace Of Mind' sounds like a New Order track once the drumbeats kick in. (That's a good thing, trust me.) 'The White Snake? The Iguana' is a slightly more electronica track, with jazz horns in the background. Turning a complete 180 on 'Third Eye', Infinite I goes for a solid Rock track. Giving us some musicial whiplash for the finale, we have 'Nevermind.' It's a folk song, until almost the very end. Then some primial drums kick in and end the CD way to soon.




I say BUY. -

"A Journal of Musical Things "The White Snake? The Iguana""

Ahem - Infinite I claim to be intergalactic wanderers transmitting from Cold Desert on Proteus 6. “Otherworldly” comes to mind for sure once you see some of their Facebook pics. Call me crazy, but I think they’ve got something going on here. Not just weird for weird’s sake.

Sounds like: Electro space rock, complete with laser gun SFX. I would be infinitely interested in seeing how this all comes together in a live, earthly setting. - Alan Cross


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"Infinite I - Nevermind"

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Infinite I - (EP 2011)



Origin: Ancaster, Ontario

Years Active: 2010-Present

Infinite I is a musical project created in 2010 by Canadian musician Rylan Hartley. This project consists of the Infinite I music itself and an extensive fictional universe depicting a crusade lead by characters of the Infinite I against an empire and the dictatorships of time. The band is composed of 5 key members: Rylan Hartley (Miki Traczyk), Cameron Fraser (Mercury), Philip Altena (Scripter), Steven Twigg (The Jackal) and Daniel Robertson (The Gateway). Their fictional universe is explored through the band's website, music, videos, press transmissions as well as a number of other media. The music is a collaboration between various musicians, Hartley and Fraser being the only permanent musical contributors. Their style is a composition of multiple musical genres, with a large number of influences including: dub, trip hop, alternative rock, electronic, pop and soul music.

In 2011, the band released their first recording. It was produced by Carl Jennings and co-produced by Hartley at Studio Bijou and Westmoreland Recording Studio. The Infinite I EP contained 4 tracks that had been recorded that year. The band has also released a number of other songs independently, a total of 11 tracks are available online. With a second EP already set to begin their story line and debut through their website in January of 2012.

To date there are 38 artists from southern Ontario that have signed on to help in the creation of costumes, photography, music and other media for the act.

"...I think they've really got something going on here. Not just weird for weird's sake." - Alan Cross

"Infinite I brings together the theatrical magic of early Bowie, with a rolling sound that crosses the eclectic plains of Scott Walker, and the troubadour nature of more modern acts like Devendra Banhart. All this while assaulting the listener with clever wordplay that casts bright light to new realms of the imagination!" -

For a synapsis of their story, download-able content and other information please visit their official website below.