The Infinite Three

The Infinite Three

 London, England, GBR

Dense materials; glowing dust; ghosts of London burning up at the event-horizon; Francis Bacon’s disembodied left hand.


The Infinite Three were formed by Mr Daniel Knowler and Mr Robert Allen after the gravitational collapse of their previous band. Merging noise, improv, found sound, dub, metal, electronic music and anything else they feel like, The Infinite Three was naturally expelled from the resulting singularity.

Bass player Sam McLaughlin joined up for a string of chaotic live appearances before the departure of Mr Allen in Summer 2012.

Knowler, McLaughlin and new drummer Mr Paul Middleton (Cindytalk, God) released the second album, 'Songs Of The Breather' in May 2014.  Nine songs of cosmic birth and solid food.

"This could be the soundtrack to a metropolitan apocalypse. The future sound of the dead city of London." ~ Alternative Matter


Set List

Our current set list consists of a selection of from following songs:

Mother Iron
Bone Star
The Tongue
His Body
Is Erased
Blooms Of Immediacy
Limp Carnivore
Lights Out For The City

These songs are usually interspersed with improvised sections of varying length.