The Infinities

The Infinities

 New York City, New York, USA

The Infinities is a melody and hook-driven indie rock band from New York City that draws from musical sources as disparate as The Raspberries, Cornelius, and Smashing Pumpkins in reconstituting classic pop formulas.


The Infinities is an indie pop band from New York City. Singer/guitarist Yoichi Nagano, having long been frustrated with looking for other musicians to form a band, finally gave up. Instead, he made the impractical decision to write and record the songs he would have brought to a full band; songs, in other words, that he would never be able to play live by himself. The name he gave this "project," The Infinities, was mostly a self-deprecating joke.

With the help of a few generous friends, he slowly cobbled together the five tracks that would become The Infinities eclectic debut EP, Etiquette, during the scant after-work off hours of a friend’s midtown Manhattan recording studio. It was during the months spent on these songs, in build-it-and-they-will-come fashion, that he met drummer Jeremy Tufano and bassist Brahm Vaccarella.

Working with the songs off of the EP as a cornerstone, they set to work in early 2011 making The Infinities into a band proper. By the summer, they were playing shows around the city, and put out Etiquette in July to positive reviews. They are writing new songs for a fall release.


Apologetica 7in Single - released May 2011
Etiquette EP - released July 2011