The Influencers

The Influencers


Catchy and irresistibly singable melodies that will get stuck in your head... that's what we make. Music that pulls from all genres and times to make something new and something forgotten in music today.


We are a four piece band from Long Island, NY. Heavily influenced by the music of our parents we've tried to make sense of it all and string it all together... music that'll become timeless.

Heavily influenced by the revolutionary music of the 60s, The Beatles surely play a role.

Overall, The Influencers have one goal: Bring that same revered music of the past to something that our generation will come to know.


Running in Circles (14 track LP, Released October 2012)

Deepwater Horizon (10 track LP, Released April 2012)

Champ (2 track single, Released March 2012)

Bleeding Colours (single, Released January 2011)

Set List

2 full length albums worth of material.