The Informal Gentlemen
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The Informal Gentlemen

Spanaway, Washington, United States | INDIE

Spanaway, Washington, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock




"The Informal Gentlemen – Orange Lights"

So this guy I know in this metal band kept telling about this non-metal band I had to check out, and he just kept raving on and on about this band I had to hear. You know how that goes. With all respect, those kinds of “referrals” just don’t work out. A lot of the time they are just talking up a buddy’s band that goes belly up before they even play a show.

But I gave in. I listened. Holy. Freaking. Shit. I am so glad I did. The Informal Gentlemen are here and they are definitely worthy of your attention. This is a very impressive outing. Opening track “The Witch” has a very memorable riff that grabs you right off the bat and the entire album just moves on from there.

These guys have a pop vibe to them, but I also hear some things that are very Nirvana-esque in the song writing and structures. They also remind me some of Everclear, the band, not the alcohol. It’s a very interesting, intriguing, beguiling mix and it pulled me in. I have to say there is some excellent song writing on this album, from the lyrics, melodies, riffs and the very construction of the songs. Really, really good stuff.

Some of these tracks, like “Alcoholics Anonymous” and the title track, “Orange Lights” are pretty straight forward rockers. Others like “Mildew” and “Cold Dish” have a kind of start-stop style to them that is really cool. Some like “She’s Perfection” are just great pop songs. “Ocean Eye” is a great number that starts with a nice acoustic riff and builds from there, and is the one song that really reminds of Everclear (the band, not the alcohol) in a very good way. And album closer “Let It Rain” is a fantastic slower number that is kind of a ballad and kind of something else too.

I just cannot say enough good things about this band and album. I believe this is their first full length release and considering that it is all the more impressive. These are the underground bands that we need to find and support, because the music business is in such a state of disarray that bands like this one could easily just get lost in the shuffle or never even get out of first gear if they are left to be discovered by a record label. This is a perfect example to me of what technology can do for a young band in 2012. They can professionally record some songs, get a CD out and let people know about them. And we all need to know about them. Check out The Informal Gentlemen, find ‘em on Facebook, Bandcamp, CD Baby, wherever. Buy their music; support them so that more music can be released. This is what we music lovers need to do. - ODIN

"Yelm, WA - Uncle Roy’s Music Announces May 19, 2012 Release Date For “Orange Lights” by The Informal Gentlemen"

Uncle Roy’s Music LLC (URM) is proud to announce the release date of their first recording with “The Informal Gentlemen” of Spanaway, WA. “Orange Lights” is the title of this debut release for the promising young artists and will be released May 19, 2012.

Yelm, WA – May 1, 2012 – Uncle Roy’s Music LLC announced the release date today of “Orange Lights”, the debut release from “The Informal Gentlemen” of Spanaway, WA. The album will be released on May 19, 2012 at the Third Anniversary Party for Uncle Roy’s Music. “The Informal Gentlemen” consist of Yamill Collazo on vocals and guitar, brothers Caleb and Randahl Burr on guitar and bass respectively and Joey Carlisle on drums.

Vice President of URM, Wayne R. Wiiki, has been developing “The Informal Gentlemen” for a couple of years now and feels they’re ready to step up. “My brother (and Co-Owner of Uncle Roy’s Music) Ray and I have been working very closely with them to develop their skills” Wayne says. “Uncle Roy’s Music is based on 4 things: Family, Music, Integrity and Fellowship and we have always been extremely careful in who we allow to be associated with us. These young men have done a fine job in living up to our expectations and growing into their future. This album has been a long road and it’s worth the wait.”

About Uncle Roy’s Music LLC

Uncle Roy’s Music LLC was started in October 2008 by Raymond and Wayne Wiiki, 2 brothers from upstate New York who spent 20 years in Los Angeles pursuing their musical dreams. After escaping from the oppressive lifestyle of Southern California to the truly laid-back life of Western Washington, they found themselves in a position to offer their expertise and experience to the local people of Yelm, WA. Their retail location offers new and used stringed instruments, amplifiers and drums along with lessons, recording and repairs. They work with several local community organizations and churches to provide for the needs of community events. - Yelm, Wa


Orange Lights (2012) (URM Records) - N/A Unannounced Release date.



We are Uncle Roy's Music's recording artists The Informal Gentlemen,from Spanaway,WA. We have been in a band with each other for 2 years now, and before that we were all best friends.

Our influences come from many different places, Caleb is very influenced by a man called Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin. Randahl likes the driven bass lines from punk artist and Tim Commerford from Rage Against the Machine. Joseph loves the intensity of metal drummers. And Yamill, our frontman is heavily influenced by the likes of Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), Brandon Boyd (Incubus) and Frank Black (The Pixies)

The thing that separates us from other bands is, we have never been given the silver spoon. We started from the bottom, and still are climbing our way onto the local charts. We also like to do things the old fashion way, playing shows are the most Important things to us. Not how many likes we can get on a social site. We are a true band, willing to sacrifice anything we can.