The Ingredients

The Ingredients


The Ingredients are an indie rock band. We try to push the limits of commercial "guitar rock" and have a melodic approach to our songwriting.


We've been playing music together for most of our lives. Well, not Peter. It started long ago, much before once upon a time time, and we (not Peter) were going to primary school. What with family friendship and daily schooling, we would spend a lot of time together. Fast forward to 2002, and we're having our first stab at bandship. We called it "New Age Rock" but our band needed a name. So we (not Peter) opened up the nearest dictionary and did the whole open-it-up-and-point thing. Then we met Peter. Peter was from Calgary, see. Now we have the current Ingredients. We play indie rock. It doesn't sound "Ultra-Indie" like the Trews, but more like a combination of our favorite innovative bands mixed up.

Influences: The Strokes, The Beatles, Metric, The Police, Broken Social Scene, The Weakerthans, and Radiohead


Drugs Over Friends

Written By: Adrian Underhill

The evening begged for night
And just as you slipped out of sight
You all began your ascension
Full knowing it would cause some tension

You choose drugs over friends

You forget yourselves
Just for a while
But at what expense
It’s a private party
You don’t seem to mind
You forgot your friends

And later it went to your head
It seemed that I had been mislead
The lot of you excluded us
And quickly you had lost our trust

You choose drugs over friends

Things Have Changed

Written By: Adrian Underhill

Suddenly I see
That things won’t always be the same
Some of us move on
While others are still dwelling on the past

I think it’s time (I think it’s time)
I realize (I realize)
That I need some new friends
Over time
Things have changed
We’ll go our separate ways

It wasn’t just one thing
It was many
And I tried my best not to
Resist the truth
Over time over time
We all change within ourselves

Our friendships meant a lot
But things will always change
Remember what we had
For a while

...I don’t know if it shows
But I’ve been spending too much time
On my own.

I'll Make It

Written By: Adrian Underhill

I wish that I could always say that I was feelin pretty good
Unfortunately that’s not always the case
I get into a rut sometimes but I’ll keep movin on my way

And we’ve all had our times
When things were bad
We just rely upon
The friends we have

I’ve always tried to be there for the people who need a hand
Cause I can say that I’ve been there before
And even when I’m really busy I try my best to comfort you

And we’ve all had our times
When things were bad
We just keep moving on

I know I’ll make it through
I’ll be happy too
If I just keep movin forward
I know that I’ll get by
If all I do is try
It won’t last forever


The Ingredients LP

Set List

We can do a short and sweet set of about 30 minutes as well as a longer 1 hour set of original music. We typically do 1 set. Our set can be made longer by adding a small collection of covers if necessary, but we try to avoid that situation.